U2 Ticket sales Sluggish

Someone call the marketing machines back to work. This is not the U2 we all know. Right now most all of the shows are NOT a sell out. Correct NOT A SELL OUT. Yes some of the GA locations are sold out and the lowest level of ticket prices have been sold out for weeks.

However the most venues have plenty of tickets. Another writer from a fan site did some really deep data mining to come up with some great key points. Sherry Lawrence  has done some pretty amazing work on uncovering some interesting facts. After I had a chance to really dig into her data I totally agree with the baseline data points. 

Yes I do read other fans sites, that is not the point.  Coming from the music business its very clear that record spins equals sales. ( of course not a 1 for 1 ) The record companies have always found ways to increase their number of spins to be able to get their music in front of an audience.

Today the music business looks a bit different spins are not replaced by down streams however down streams numbers have increased in weight within audience consideration.  Music comes from many different sources today. Itunes Radio, Spotify just to name a few; all provide access to an audience. U2 fans for the most part are 51% female and right in the middle of the sweet spot for marketing dollars. 28/54  the data suggest as the audience grows older that they might be less inclined to buy tickets.

However this is not true at all. U2 fans along with a couple of long standing bands like the Rolling Stones have very large pools of global fans that come out to shows in large numbers. 

So back to back to the marketing machine. Its time to pump up the noise U2 has a packed field of bands heading out this summer. RUSH, Rolling Stones, Van Halen to name a few.  Its all about that mighty ticket sales.

Enjoy some U2 music with your day and be sure to download our newest application.