U2, Summer In New York

New York: Summer is NYC has always been about music, the heat and of course being outdoors.

The apartments small, the bills heavy and yet this is what we love. NYC in the summer what else could be better? New York is also about music fans.

U2 fans have been waiting for the next u2 album to be released and for good reason.

This next addition should pull in a bigger generation of future U2 fans.  The connected experience, thats the best way to view U2 fans. Fans connecting with other fans and embracing an experience that is beyond the lyrics.  Music does not define a life, music is the soundtrack to your life.  Our sound track has taken many turns and yet we remain connected.

Over the next few days as we clean our offices and get ready for the next U2 album we are going to share some thoughts about music, U2 fans, U2, and of course U.

As always we welcome your thoughts too. Now we have to get back to cleaning out our office, anyone own a pair of black leather pants and a pair of sun glasses ? We found them in our gig box.  #U2 #NewYork #U2Fan