U2TOURFANS Editor Speaks Out

U2 fans around the world today I am writing to you directly as the Editor-In-Chief of U2TOURFANS.

I want to be very clear on a couple of matters that have happened over the last few hours. We have a new staff writer to the team that while doing his data collection and sourcing for a story we posted today failed to provide the credits to the sources of the story.

This is not acceptable to me and is not what you have come to expect from our site.

We have build this site on trust and respect for the other U2 blogger sites and the community as a whole. I expect that our team would be fair, honest about the news collection and sourcing of information.

The story had sources from social media and other blog sites and in the end was a collection of sources. (Informal and Formal)  We should have credited the other blog sites period. Posting credits when they are due is the not only a requirement it is a standard expectation.

I will not allow people to write for us or post for us without crediting the source if a source has used to provide you the news. I have asked our team member to not post any story without a peer review this will help him to understand the proper way to credit stories as well as give us a chance to check the story prior to posting. 

No story is bigger than our creditability with you the fan.