Was it U2 or Sumer Nights shooting a video In Dulbin

The boys are in Dublin today recording a video for a single on the up coming album that has yet to be named.  However that might be true. 

The company behind a major film production which saw the Samuel Beckett Bridge in Dublin closed for almost 24 hours on Sunday has claimed it was making a video for “an up and coming band” by the name of Summer Nights.

For much of yesterday afternoon large articulated lorries carrying lighting equipment and rigging lined the south quays - and some of the smaller roads leading to the bridge. A marquee was also erected on the bridge itself, while a significant private security presence.

Pull The Trigger video projection company has been used to working with more established acts and has some experience making music videos in Dublin. The company was heavily involved in shooting The Sweetest Thing video for U2 in Fitzwilliam Square in 1998.

Now sources at the label say the boys have not been in town. So who knows the facts. Have you spotted the boys around Dublin ? Let us know