U2 Pairs

Larry Lootsteen - Conestogo, Ontario, Canada

I often try and bring songs together that work.  So if I have a playlist I'm prepping I try and make sure those songs work together.  That doesn't mean every song played beside every other song always works but the overall sound has a relationship of sorts.

Thinking about that reminded me of all the times I tried to pair up songs.  U2 songs for me are something that can really grab you in teams.  High-energy, low energy, meaningful, fun.  It is always great to find two songs that can be played back to back and really work.

I almost always play these two back-to-back:

Red Hill Mining Town:

One Tree Hill:

So what do you think?  Does that work for you?  What U2 pairs do you have that you love!  Let's build a list and share some awesomeness!!