Walking The Streets

Larry Lootsteen - Conestogo, Ontario, Canada

This is one of those things I sometimes do for fun.  I build a poem from lyrics, or in this case, U2 song titles to make something new.  You'll notice that I don't use them all exactly but there is a ton of them in here.  Some well known, some more obscure.  Have some fun with it!

I walked those nameless streets

For what seemed like 40 years

A fire I had forgotten

The numb giving way to tears

I was in New York City

On that painful new year's day

As peace on earth wishes

Turned one to decay

The fall from grace was tortured

The exit from God, yet again

I walked on for a little while

Willfully following as the path descends

When I rose on the beautiful, magnificent day

I was lifted like a song

The hands that built this country

With a shout out to right all its wrongs

White snow winter views

Through my window to the sky

Our two hearts beating like fast cars

Your cruel smile asking 'why'?

A few seconds of scarlet light

Slow dancing, just a hint of lemon

Your smile trips me up like a wire

Desire warm and soft like denim

So deep in my heart, always

You, all I want tonight

Alone in this light

Fortunate son of this flower child sight

Caught between heaven and hell

Here she comes singing hallelujah

I fall down, wanna be around

For my last night on earth with ya