Bail me out too

  1. Pay off everyones house on my block
  2. Pay parents homeowners taxes for ever.
  3. Set college funds for grad school for both kids
  4. Remodel my house
  5. Buy 3 cars, one for me, one for each kid. 
  6. Setup foundation for Single Fathers, oh yea sure Single mothers too 
  7. 10% to foundations that provide what I believe is value back to the public 
  8. Build an endowment fund for latin kids. 
  9. Clean beach fund 
  10. Buy a large boat 
Yea that leaves me with about 7.1 Billion left to spend. Any  ideas? Did you get a chance to see all the earmarks in the bill? How about those arrows, really now thats unbelievable. Well today I was told this was a rescue plan for America. Ok start rescuing ! 

Ok, its Date night, no kids, some food maybe a movie and its amazing how single life takes a back seat to raising kids. So tonight I'm just a guy out with a girl having some fun. Hey we all need a break.