U2's Cross Marketing Machine "The Walking Dead"

U2’s marketing machine has always been on top of their game. Cross marketing into current TV, series seems to be something new for the boys from Dublin. “The Troubles” has started to appear in “The Walking Dead” series, which is extremely popular in the US.

The clips titled with reference to U2 and only feature U2 music. No band images are within and the band not expected to appear within any of the commercials.  

U2 has new management that clearly understands how to reach the younger audiences. We can expect that U2 will appear within more cross marketing and promotional messaging as the machine continues to ramp towards 2015.

U2 Heads Back to Island


U2 headed back to where is all started for them. Island Records discovered them in the 70’s and the band left them more than 7 years ago, unhappy with the treatment at Island the boys moved on. However, the return to Island comes with new management, new possibilities and a new album.

Once Jason Iley moved over to Mercury, everything began take on a sour note.  The boys packed up and followed Jason over to Mercury a sister label to Island. Early this year, the parent company Universal closed down Mercury, moving many of the acts to a new company, Virgin/EMI, although a question mark remained over where U2 would end up, with the band and record labels remaining silent on what would happen.

Sources have confirmed that the band will head back to Island, which has had a change of management since their departure. "They are going back to their spiritual home," the source said.

U2 displayed their affection for the label by continuing to include its logo on their releases even though they had headed to Mercury.

The boys dropped by Island to meet the staff and check out their new home and everything seems to be shaping up for something big for 2014. New management, New label its clear that the band has a lot riding on this next release.

This message posted on the website may suggest that the band plans for another world tour. Or it might be just a reference to way they feel about Paul.

"Sometime soon, U2 will begin a new adventure around the world and we totally understand and respect Paul's desire to not run away with the circus – AGAIN."

Bail me out too

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  2. Pay parents homeowners taxes for ever.
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  5. Buy 3 cars, one for me, one for each kid. 
  6. Setup foundation for Single Fathers, oh yea sure Single mothers too 
  7. 10% to foundations that provide what I believe is value back to the public 
  8. Build an endowment fund for latin kids. 
  9. Clean beach fund 
  10. Buy a large boat 
Yea that leaves me with about 7.1 Billion left to spend. Any  ideas? Did you get a chance to see all the earmarks in the bill? How about those arrows, really now thats unbelievable. Well today I was told this was a rescue plan for America. Ok start rescuing ! 

Ok, its Date night, no kids, some food maybe a movie and its amazing how single life takes a back seat to raising kids. So tonight I'm just a guy out with a girl having some fun. Hey we all need a break.