Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2

This is the book everyone is talking about. WALK ON: The Spiritual Journey of U2 tackles the issues and questions everyone wants to know but no one has directly explored about the world's biggest rock band.
Throughout WALK ON, author Steve Stockman mines the band's public works and interviews to see if Bono found what he was looking for on their Popmart tour—"baby Jesus under the trash." He follows the band from their early days in Dublin's Shalom Christian Fellowship all the way to their most recent, and most spiritually profound, Elevation tour. Along the way, he examines not only the band's story, but also the symbolism and story behind their songs, and the larger issues of church, culture and the Christian Ghetto. It is an eye-opening book for all readers. Who knows, it may turn out that it's Christians who have misunderstood U2—and, possibly, the Gospel itself. About the AuthorSteve Stockman is a Presbyterian minister in Ireland where he works in the Chaplaincy at Queen's University in Belfast. He is a regular speaker at conferences and festivals, and has his own radio show on BBC Radio Ulster. Steve has published five books of poetry and recently released an album, Gracenotes. He has been using the work of U2 in his sermons and writings for 20 years.