Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2

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Walk On: The Spiritual Journey Of U2
By: Steve Stockman  Review: Sara ( From London)

Walk On was an absolutely fascinating read! In fact, it was so good that its worth a read again I have been a distant fan of U2 since my early teens (I’m 30 now). By “distant” I mean that I haven’t followed their life and music as closely as some fans have (at least not too far beyond their earlier albums). I did purchase a copy of “All That You Can’t Leave Behind” and I think it is now probably one of my favorites (along with October, The Unforgettable Fire and The Joshua Tree)!

I have always found some inspiration in the life and music of U2. Such a statement bothers some Christians and that is precisely why they need to read this book. One of the things I have always most admired about this band is that they are real and they often wear their hearts right out on their sleeves… There are some very deep, inspiring, contemplative, introspective and sometimes questioning themes that flow consistently through the lyrics of U2’s songs. In fact, I don’t know of one album that U2 has released that didn’t express some facet of spirituality in one way or another.

    Walk On: The Spiritual Journey Of U2 presents an intimate look into the lives of a group of true believers who are not playing games with anyone. They don’t make excuses for their imperfections or try to cover up their frustration with the condition of the world and how few, especially …Most Christians who can’t get past the sight of a cigarette, a beer or the sound of a cuss word, will have trouble seeing the honest heart of a guy like Bono who is as sincere and devout as they come!…Bono once made the statement in an interview that the reason he is attracted to the Scriptures and figures like Christ is because he is not like them and wants to be; he is drawn to that power greater than himself that can change a man’s heart and actions. He admits his weakness but knows the source of this power; God. He is also very inspired by the grace of God.

     However unorthodox the bros in U2 seem to the rest of Christendom, these guys are very sincere and very plugged in to God (in fact, I would dare say they are seeking harder and desiring that intimate connection with the Lord than probably a lot of Christians who attend churches today are). This book will be a refreshing eye opener to people who have had questions about U2 and whether or not their faith is real. It will answer some questions for fans as well as give those unfamiliar with the band a proper introduction to who they are. I think that especially those believers who have expressed criticism towards U2 need to read this great book. I found it very inspiring and challenging to my faith.

In consideration of the song Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For, I believe it is a statement about the fact that this band is still searching, but not for God. They have found Him, (all accept the bass player who is agnostic). What they are searching for is an honest expression of truth by those who profess to know Him. An expression of truth that is more than merely words professed, but actions demonstrated. One might also consider this song in respect to 1 Corinthians 13 (the line, “I have spoken with the tongues of angels…”), where love is the only thing that really matters. Bono seems to be expressing that he has experienced the “things” of God, but desires more; to be captivated and completely motivated by love. These guys have not walked away, they are determined to “Walk On!”

I highly recommend this book! It will be most meaningful to those who are at least remotely familiar with U2’s music, but I think even someone who doesn’t know much about them at all will find a number of insightful gems in this great title.

Thank you Sara, this sounds like a great read, fast read and for most of us today. We sometimes need a little church in our lives.  U2 fans if your interested in sharing your U2 story write us directly and lets see if your review could be our next weekly book review.

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U2 Rumors, Fines and News

he New York Times has published Bono’s column on the 14th. What interesting was that we just completed a five part series on “One” Bono’s NY Times article takes us thru a five scene tour of Germany between 1990 and the show at Brandenburg Gate. Giving us a view into the meeting of the owns of the German house he slept in during the Achtung Baby sessions as well as the conversations with his b andmates. He talks about “One” and how that song came about.  

Bono, U2 360 Tour 2009 (U2TOURFANS)
The camera cranes over a crowd of thousands gathered in Pariser Platz.

An Irish band plays its song “One” in the city where it was written nearly 20 years earlier. The band is here for an MTV broadcast celebrating the anniversary of the wall’s falling. A helicopter shot glides like a ghost through the architecture of this most modern of cities: the avant-garde Chancellery, the glass dome at the top of the Reichstag, the refurbished Brandenburg Gate. Images of East and West Berlin dancing to the music are projected on the gate, turning this monument to peace into a graffiti wall of the same….

Now the rest of the news from around the globe.

Fined: Bono some might argue U2’s been responsible for noise pollution in the past, be it parts of 1997’s ‘Pop’ or even this year’s ‘No Line on the Horizon.’ But now the city of Dublin has made that notion official, taking its hometown heroes to task for breaching noise levels during their Croke Park concerts last July.

Concert promoters MCD were fined €36,000 (approximately $53,000) for Bono and the boys’ offense, according to Ireland’s Evening Herald. Dublin City Council levied the penalties against the firm for allowing U2 to exceed allowed noise limits on a number of occasions during the shows.

2010 Shows: Montreal is one step closer to seeing U2 perform on July 16, 2010. Promoter Gillett Entertainment Group has called a press conference for Monday morning concerning the band’s 360 stadium tour. The band’s web site has had Montreal listed next to the July 16 date for several weeks, with venue TBA. It is expected that the venue will be revealed on Monday, along with ticket information. Likely venue candidates include Jean Drapeau Park, Blue Bonnets or perhaps the Olympic Stadium.

What do you think?:  Ever wonder what people think of your website, you or your music, this one comes from @U2 (Sherry Lawrence) Somewhere over the rainbow, where people conpare notes about sites this tool give you the answer. According the site 100% postive was the answer for U2TOURFANS, now did we expect anything less?

Top Story of the past week:  Amazing you would think tour news was the top story, or tickets for 2010, or rumors about new concerts. Not a chance against Bono’s salt in take.

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References: @u2, U2.com, NY Times, U2gigs.com -


U2 Fan Book Selections

The question has been asked many times. Is it possible to be a committed Christian and rock superstar, can political activists make good music? How much does a hugely successful rock band really care about AIDS and poverty in Africa or is the whole concept just a front for selling more music. U2 has had a successful career distinctly dipping into those issues while remaining true to its fans.   For over two decades, U2 has been one of the biggest acts in rock music. They’ve produced over a dozen platinum and multiplatinum records and won 15 Grammy Awards. Critics everywhere have praised the band’s thoughtful, complex lyrics and the artistry of their music. At the same time, Bono, the group’s lead singer, has dedicated himself to political and social causes, blurring the line between rock star and respected statesman.

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Walk On: The Spiritual Journey of U2

This is the book everyone is talking about. WALK ON: The Spiritual Journey of U2 tackles the issues and questions everyone wants to know but no one has directly explored about the world's biggest rock band.
Throughout WALK ON, author Steve Stockman mines the band's public works and interviews to see if Bono found what he was looking for on their Popmart tour—"baby Jesus under the trash." He follows the band from their early days in Dublin's Shalom Christian Fellowship all the way to their most recent, and most spiritually profound, Elevation tour. Along the way, he examines not only the band's story, but also the symbolism and story behind their songs, and the larger issues of church, culture and the Christian Ghetto. It is an eye-opening book for all readers. Who knows, it may turn out that it's Christians who have misunderstood U2—and, possibly, the Gospel itself. About the AuthorSteve Stockman is a Presbyterian minister in Ireland where he works in the Chaplaincy at Queen's University in Belfast. He is a regular speaker at conferences and festivals, and has his own radio show on BBC Radio Ulster. Steve has published five books of poetry and recently released an album, Gracenotes. He has been using the work of U2 in his sermons and writings for 20 years.