U2 Atlanta Fans use Marta

Atlanta Fans, a few days ago we reported that tickets had still be available. That seems to not be the case anymore. Most fans have waited long enough, held on to their cash and now have sold out the Atlanta show. ( Appears to be the case insiders stated)
Avoid what happened in NC. You can ride MARTA there and avoid rush-hour traffic that will likely back up the connector. You can park your car at several of the MARTA stations and ride in.  Best bets for MARTA parking include Inman Park, West End, Lindbergh Center, Dunwoody or North Springs (see the MARTA rail map).


Boston U2TOURFANS Staff 2009Once on the train, exit at either the W1 Dome or W2 Vine City stop on thewest line. If you are coming from the north or south rail line, you’ll need to transfer trains at the Five Points Station and follow the signs to the Westbound platform .  If you get off at W1, the Dome has its own exit at the far western end of the platform .  Or if you get off at W2 Vine City, merely walk down Rhodes Street when you exit the station.  General Admission tickets will enter the Georgia Dome through Lower Gate C only — at the West Plaza on Northside Drive, which will be nearest the W2 Vine City station.

 Also, be advised that the following items are prohibited:
* Video or audio recording devices
* Cameras
* Laser Pointers or Glow Sticks
* Balloons or inflatable balls of any kind
* Backpacks or large bags
* Blankets, sleeping bags or folding chairs
* Weapons or fireworks
* Noise-makers, air horns, instruments, whistles or bells
* Skateboards, scooters, bicycles or “heelies”
* Banners or flags on poles
* Coolers, cans or bottles
* Food or beverage

North Carolina Fans Disappointed

Days after the show  disappointed U2 fans were still horror-struck by traffic so snarled that dozens abandoned their cars on Wade Avenue(N.C), ducked behind trees to use the bathroom and wept openly as the music played without them.

U2TOURFANS FAN 2009The concert Saturday night at Carter-Finley Stadium is being ranked among the worst traffic jams in Raleigh history, and concert-goers trapped in cars for four hours coming and going have piled on blogs to complain about shoddy planning.

Brad King of Winston-Salem never even parked. He spent three-plus hours driving from his parents’ house in Durham, watching the bathroom-goers and the crying fans stuck outside, before he spotted the stadium several songs into U2’s set and decided to eat his pair of $50 tickets.

“We could clearly hear the music through the sunroof,” he said. “I thought, ‘Who’s to say we don’t spend five hours getting out of here?’ I don’t want to get home at 5 in the morning. So we turned around.”

The Cow man can cheer you up. Or make you wonder if your date dressed up like a cow would you still go to the show. In this case hum maybe we would.



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