U2 goes from peaches to oranges

Tampa fans will be getting a double dose of U2 this weekend, The boys from Ireland will be playing Raymond James stadium. Consider it a mile stone, its the 10th concert in Tampa. They first played Tampa in 1981. Does anyone remember a sports bar called the “End Zone” In 2005 Bono referred to “The Beginning Zone is more like it.”

U2TOURFANS STAFF 2009 DL True U2 fans remember the days when U2 was the opening act. !982 for the October tour U2 opened for J.Geils Band at Curtis Hixon Hall and came back the next year to be the headliner.  Right around 1985 U2 became the hottest band around the world. The Unforgettable Fire tour was a sell out at 11,200.

Now the sell out venues at 100K and invest millions of dollars for their fans. The opening torch has been handed to Muse for the Tampa show. Expect this to be the who’s who event of Tampa. Already  private parties have been popping up all around the venue.

It Might Get Loud

The second dose The release of It Might Get Loud is finally adding a Tampa movie theater to its tour.  The movie will open on October 9th( yes the same day as the concert)  only at the AMC Veterans.  The documentary piece explores the history of one of the greatest instruments ever invented…the electric guitar.  The flick opened in mid-August but is slowly tuning into more cities.

It might get loud press release 2009The film by Davis Guggenheim, will highlight the careers of Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page, U2’s The Edge, and White Stripes axe-grinder Jack White.  All give their candid input on the guitar and how they crafted their styles.  It Might Get Loud is being billed as a tribute piece to the electric guitar, but has insight on techniques from many other well-known guitarists.  Tons of footage from the above mentioned and others is captured in the movie.


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