360 Comes to Tampa

We have been reporting the tour since the early days. Well since the start of 360. Each venue, travel days, show news and stories from you the local fan. One thing that we keep getting asked at each venue. “So how big is that stage” We found this photo that really gives the best picture. One thing we know for sure if you have been in or out of LAX you will think you have seen this stage before. Tampa your in for a show. This is the show of the year. Quoted sources have said the impact can be as large as the Super Bowl or play off game as it relates to traffic. Currently we have 10 people attending the show as well as 50 more people that “claim to be going”  One thing is for sure U2 has had an impact on Tampa Bay for three weeks total. Now thats impressive.

  • 90 feet Height of the four-pronged canopy over the stage.
  • 150 feet Height of the center pylon.
  • 54 tons Weight of the cylindrical video screen, which opens to 14,000 square feet.
  • 1 million Number of pieces in the video screen, which has 500,000 pixels, 320,000 fasteners, 30,000 cables and 150,000 machined pieces.
  • 120 Number of trucks it takes to cart the stage from show to show.
  • 3 Number of stages. They follow the “leapfrog” principle: One is used for the show, while the second is being built at the next location and the third is being dismantled at the previous location.

Sources: Chicago Tribune, Rolling Stone, Reuters