70,000 U2 Fans to attend Raymond James

Good Morning U2: GA Lots open and 10,000 fans can start pouring into the parking lots. Remember the first-come, first-serve line starts at 9 a.m.

Remember this you will not be admitted until 5 p.m. Tampa is expected to be very hot today 90+ Don’t waste your time to come early if you do not have a GA ticket. Drink lots of water and be ready to just chill out. No worries every spot in this venue happens to be a great one.

Dave Long/U2Tourfans 2009Sean Daly (sptimes.com) Intimate.” That seems like an odd word to use to describe That Thing, which takes 31/2 days to build — and 11/2 to tear down. The tour employs more than 350 staffers, traveling on 114 trucks; another 1,500 local workers will be on hand to make sure it’s all pulled off with panache.”

Fans with cell camera’s listen up we want to see your photos we have a special email address for you. Fill out the form and we will send you all the details.

Set List: Tonight we will have live set list updates and postings.

Dave Long/ U2Tourfans 2009 1000Mikes: We have reserved a mike channel - We have not selected someone to broadcast for us yet. Interested let us know.

Photos: We have a treat that we can not talk about yet. Know this if your from Tampa we will have a very special guest photo feature.

Video Drop/Photo Drop: The drop box was opened at 4 AM and we have some really great stuff. So if you want to send us your video or photos feel free to use this link.

Tickets: We do not have an extra tickets, nor can we get you any passes don’t ask.

Twitter: You can follow us via tweeter @U2tourfans If your posting too please add to the end of your post #U2TOURFANS that way we can track and RT your post -

What do you need to know: Read this section and be sure you drink lots of water