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We have been building a FAN friendly site over the last couple of months and as e speak we are working 2010 version that will provide you the fan an up close and personal view of U2. More photos, more videos and more stories from around the globe.  Its a lite Friday here on the east coast of America and we have been working on new stories and cleaning out video drop box. We have tons of videos that you the fan have sent in to us and we will be posting all of the to the U2TOURFANS channel on Youtube. Currently we are in a test with Youtube to see the stress of the channel. They are trying to gage how many people really follow U2 videos and Fan based video sites. So please watch some videos and post some comments, subscribe if your inclined. 

Gretty ImagesBerlin Wall Review: “I have scaled these city walls…But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for,” Bono once sang. Lots of would-be concert goers can sympathize.  In a performance marking the fall of the Berlin Wall (It went down nearly 20 years ago on Nov. 9, 1989), concert promoters erected another, smaller barrier, sparking outrage in Germany. After doling out 10,000 free tickets to the concert at the Brandenburg Gate, fans without tickets hoping to get a peep of the rockers faced a 6 1/2 foot high metal barrier blocking their view. Organizers said the fence was built “around the site to ensure the safety and security of the attendees at the event as well as residents and businesses in the area.”


Changing gears; with U2 recently in the news thanks to their LA concert being broadcast live on YouTube, it’s an opportune time to be releasing a re-mastered, 25th anniversary fourth album.

Available in four formats, it holds up well. The nervy, jerky energy of Edge’s treated guitar comes into its own on Wire, while Brian Eno’s sense of texture and atmosphere lends A Sort of Homecoming much of its appeal. Factor in the title track and the stadium-baiting qualities of Bad, and it’s bettered only by Achtung Baby as U2’s greatest album.

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The bonus disc features two previously unreleased songs — the haunting Disappearing Act, which probably should have made the finished album, and a pretty instrumental, Yoshino Blossom, which may have had a case too — as well as several live cuts and the fine Kervorkian Remix of Wire. Incidentally, Eno was not U2’s first choice of producer. Krautrock pioneer Conny Plank declined the invitation. It’s fascinating to wonder what path Bono et al would have taken had Plank, and not Eno, shaped the U2 direction from 1984 on.


360 Tour: Did you see the show ? As we finish out the year we would like to hear from you, the FAN. We would like you to share your U2 show story with us. No matter where you saw the show you have a chance to share your experience with the fans that did not attend. Do you have videos,photos or both we would like to see them. Drop a comment to us below. If your experience is selected you will be our show of the day. Remember your story does not have to be in English, it helps but no worries we have a team that can translate. Cheers



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