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Bono, Sting, Timberlake To Perform On Haiti Telethon

George Clooney says the “Hope for Haiti” benefit for victims of the earthquake in Haiti will include performances from Bono, Sting, Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera and Alicia Keys.

The Edge, whose “Brothers” song was nominated for a Globe,(Did not win) said that he will be helping George Clooney’s Friday telethon. “This  is one of  the most serious disasters that has happened in 10 years and we have to do everything that we can. There’s no question about it.” 
Of attending the Globes, he explained, “This is the perfect opportunity for people to say, ‘We’re there and we are going to do whatever we can,’” adding that the awards are a great platform to get the word out.

Speaking to The Associated Press at the Golden Globes ceremony at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Clooney said that more than 40 celebrities are expected to attend the Jan. 22 event. The actor said the aim of the benefit is “to show the people of Haiti that the whole world is paying attention.”

The benefit, which Clooney and Haitian-born singer Wyclef Jean will host, will be broadcast on more than a dozen broadcast and cable networks. It will be held in New York, with CNN’s Anderson Cooper chiming in from Haiti.

The show will benefit the Red Cross, UNICEF, Oxfam America, Partners in Health and Jean’s Yele Haiti Foundation.

Clooney said that songs from participating artists will also be available on iTunes, with proceeds going to the relief effort.

You can support Hait too by visiting our Haiti link.

U2’s ‘Bad’ gets a NASCAR makeover

U2 3-D Car Promotion #19Heroin and NASCAR, who knew? U2 fans watching the NFL playoffs on Fox this weekend surely heard what would seem to be an oddly placed song scoring the network’s preview of the upcoming Daytona 500: U2’s mid-’80s hit “Bad.”

The commercial features little more than a snippet of one of the Edge’s most recognizable guitar riffs — the few slow, glistening notes that set the table for the song’s explosive rock ‘n’ roll release. 

U2 hasn’t exactly shied away from commercial endorsements of late, or massive sporting events.

Also, anyone who has attended any NFL, NBA or MLB game in recent years has likely heard “Beautiful Day” piped throughout the arena or stadium, further linking U2 with the sporting world.

Yet judging by some previous NASCAR-branded music releases, U2 seems to be a bit out of place with the barroom hits and country rock more closely tied to the sport.

Granted, it’s more a story these days when rock ‘n’ roll doesn’t appear in a commercial, but are U2 fans ready to have one of the band’s most iconic songs forever associated with auto racing? If the quick responses on Twitter are any gauge, then no.

Though Bono’s lyrics in “Bad” are vague and open to interpretation, it’s a song long believed to be about heroin addiction, making it feel a bit out of place in hyping the Feb. 14 race. It should be noted, of course, that it’s not the first time a rock ‘n’ roll tune about drug use has appeared in a commercial, as Iggy Pop’s “Lust for Life” more famously promoted a cruise line.

Sheridan:’U2 sure bet for an Oscar’

OscarDIRECTOR Jim Sheridan last night tipped U2 to walk off with an Oscar after the group failed to win a Golden Globe for the soundtrack to his new film ‘Brothers’.

The band’s song ‘Winter’ was beaten in the Best Song category by singer Ryan Bingham with the theme from film ‘Crazy Heart’ at a star-studded ceremony in Hollywood on Sunday night.

“I’m sorry the lads didn’t win a Golden Globe but I think there’s a good chance they could get an Oscar instead for Best Song,” Sheridan told the Irish Independent.

The collaboration between Jim Sheridan and U2 came about after Sheridan showed U2 a rough cut of the movie.

‘Brothers’, a remake of the Danish film ‘Brodre’, tells the story of a decorated marine who goes missing overseas while his younger brother cares for his wife.

Another Irish nominee who failed to pick up a gong was Dublin actor Brendan Gleeson, in the running for best actor in a TV movie for his portrayal of British prime minister Winston Churchill. But Kevin Bacon won that award for his role in ‘Taking Chance’.

Ex-U2 worker has her assets frozen

A former personal assistant of U2 guitarist Adam Clayton has had her assets frozen indefinitely over allegations she defrauded 1.8 million euro from him.

Clayton sacked Carol Hawkins late last year after she allegedly used his debit and credit cards to buy cars, a house and jewellery.

Dublin’s High Court was told lawyers for the former PA are examining an employment contract which they said contains a mediation clause.

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‘Artificial Horizon’: U2’s Limited Edition Remix CD

ARTIFICIAL HORIZON, a U2 remix album produced only for subscribers to U2.com. If you thought the U2360° remix of I’ll Go Crazy If I Don’t Go Crazy Tonight was going to bring the house down, wait till you hear the Grand Jury Mix of If God Will Send his Angels, Trent Reznor’s version of Vertigo, Jacknife Lee’s remake of Fast Cars or David Holmes’s remix of Beautiful Day. This is one special collection - check the full tracklisting below.

ARTIFICIAL HORIZON comes off the presses in late January and will be mailed to subscribers within a few weeks

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Gretty ImagesBerlin Wall Review: “I have scaled these city walls…But I still haven’t found what I’m looking for,” Bono once sang. Lots of would-be concert goers can sympathize.  In a performance marking the fall of the Berlin Wall (It went down nearly 20 years ago on Nov. 9, 1989), concert promoters erected another, smaller barrier, sparking outrage in Germany. After doling out 10,000 free tickets to the concert at the Brandenburg Gate, fans without tickets hoping to get a peep of the rockers faced a 6 1/2 foot high metal barrier blocking their view. Organizers said the fence was built “around the site to ensure the safety and security of the attendees at the event as well as residents and businesses in the area.”


Changing gears; with U2 recently in the news thanks to their LA concert being broadcast live on YouTube, it’s an opportune time to be releasing a re-mastered, 25th anniversary fourth album.

Available in four formats, it holds up well. The nervy, jerky energy of Edge’s treated guitar comes into its own on Wire, while Brian Eno’s sense of texture and atmosphere lends A Sort of Homecoming much of its appeal. Factor in the title track and the stadium-baiting qualities of Bad, and it’s bettered only by Achtung Baby as U2’s greatest album.

 Videos:  We selected 2 videos for you. Take a look and vote for the best one.

The bonus disc features two previously unreleased songs — the haunting Disappearing Act, which probably should have made the finished album, and a pretty instrumental, Yoshino Blossom, which may have had a case too — as well as several live cuts and the fine Kervorkian Remix of Wire. Incidentally, Eno was not U2’s first choice of producer. Krautrock pioneer Conny Plank declined the invitation. It’s fascinating to wonder what path Bono et al would have taken had Plank, and not Eno, shaped the U2 direction from 1984 on.


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U2's fourth album: The Unforgettable Fire

This ain’t mere genius, this is rock ‘n’ roll…’ (Kerrang, October 1984)

U2’s fourth album, The Unforgettable Fire, has been remastered and will be released by Mercury Records on 26th October.

This special edition marks 25 years since the album’s original release in October 1984. Recorded at Slane Castle, Ireland, The Unforgettable Fire was the first U2 album to be produced by Brian Eno and Danny Lanois, and spawned two top 10 UK singles - ‘Pride (In The Name Of Love)’ and ‘The Unforgettable Fire’.

Special formats of The Unforgettable Fire will also feature bonus audio material, including two previously unheard tracks from the Slane Castle sessions: ‘Yoshino Blossom’, and ‘Disappearing Act’ (a track which the band recently completed), and a DVD including music videos, a documentary and unreleased live footage from the Amnesty International Conspiracy of Hope Tour in 1986.

The Unforgettable Fire has been remastered from the original audio tapes, with direction from The Edge and the album will be available in four formats:

* Limited Edition Box Set: containing 2 CDs (remastered album and bonus audio CD), a DVD with live footage, documentary and videos, a 56 page hardback book with liner notes by The Edge, Brian Eno, Danny Lanois, Bert Van de Kamp and Niall Stokes, and 5 photographic prints

* Deluxe Edition: containing 2 CDs, the remastered album, and the bonus audio CD which features B-sides and previously unreleased material, a 36 page booklet with liner notes by The Edge, Brian Eno, Danny Lanois and Bert Van de Kamp

* CD format: featuring the remastered album

* 12” vinyl format: 16 page booklet with liner notes by Brian Eno, Danny Lanois and Bert Van de Kamp

The Unforgettable Fire track listing is as follows: A Sort of Homecoming, Pride (In The Name Of Love), Wire, The Unforgettable Fire, Promenade, 4th Of July, Bad, Indian Summer Sky, Elvis Presley and America, MLK.