U2 Endures

A view from the cheap seats

Editor:  I was looking over my notes and I found some thoughts on Letterman’s show. Its a bit dated. However I thought I would share it. We are working on a couple of new story ideas and we have been kicking back a bit before the start of the New Year.

Dave Letterman Show 2009Once it was announced that U2 would take over the Letterman show I knew I would set the DVR and stay up to watch, at the time I did so out of sense of duty and loyalty to the band. I have always been a fan of the band. It had been some time since I have seen the boys live. I worked in the industry and kind of walked away from attending live shows. In fear of that I could truly enjoy the show from the front of the house after years of being in the back of the house, watching the PUNTERS arrive with their sodas and popcorn.

My first U2 song was New Years Day and while this may sound unbelievable it truly was New Years Eve in St Louis and I was outside with my friends listening to this amazing sound coming from the radio. I was hooked. I locked into everything U2 and played all the songs on my radio show avoiding the program director in fear of losing my job.

So it’s Monday night and the fervor has come back. This time it was stronger for a couple of reasons. I of course wanted to hear some old U2 before the commercialization period but hey let’s face it this was TV and I was not going to get my chance to re-live my college days.

Now I am older and up past my bedtime waiting, listening and yet not at all worried about getting up in the morning. This night was dedicated to the rebirth of U2. As Bono had said before this album is different.  At the time I had no idea what truth he spoke only that I was ready for a new U2 album.

The band has changed, yes, but that’s what makes them endure, what makes them relevant to new fans everyday, what creates the fervor for each and every one of them.  U2’s ability to resurrect themselves new every few years is what has helped them to survive and thrive and what has brought them to a point where they can monopolize Letterman for an entire week.  And every now and then, when the band strikes a certain chord or Bono attempts to make physical contact with his audience—either the one present before him or the one he knows is at the other end of the camera lens—I am reminded, once again, of the fervor this band is capable of creating time and again.

I wait for the tour and know that I will have a chance to introduce the next generation, my twins.