U2tourfans refreshed site

A note from the Editor:

Greetings U2 Fans: Over the last year we have been working on the development of a fan based U2 site that can provide you with the most current videos, stories and photos from the current U2 360 tour and of course back ground stories about Bono and the boys.

We too are fans and we know that you have lots of fan based sites to view and to follow. Now with twitter you can get updated info about your fan site without even going to the site.

Since we introduced the site added the U2tourfans tool we have watched our visits grow with us. Currently we have over 20,000 regular daily followers between all our channels. That does not include our first time visitors which we are very proud to say we have passed our 1M visitor mark back around October this past year. We had added guest writers and have hosted twitter chat sessions as well as a very active YOUTUBE channel.

Now we begin to look towards 2010 and we have a lot more in store for you. Today we start our refresh period. This will take a couple of weeks. Once we are done you will have a totally new U2 fan based site to launch us into the new year. 

Take a look at the fresh new look and please leave us some comments. Your feedback builds our community.

We like you have our challenges. This has been a tuff year for lots of people around the world. When we ask for a donation to help off set some of the costs of the site we know we are asking you to make a commitment to us. Our site is totally free. We plan to never charge for any content. Your donation helps us with the costs directly associated with running a site. The development, videos, concerts, and of course 2010 ticket costs all come from your donations.  Please consider any amount and make a contribution today. Thank you for your support and now back to the music.  Cheers Dre