Leaves in the wind

The Edge  has developed a Web site promoting the five-home development for above Malibu’s Serra Retreat as environmentally friendly.

A proposed residential development above Serra Retreat that has environmentalists pitted against each other will go before the California Coastal Commission next month at its meeting in Huntington Beach.

The project calls for five homes in unincorporated county land just outside Malibu city limits, and has received international media attention because one of the partners in the ownership is David Evans, known to music fans as U2 guitarist The Edge. A proposed 1,600-foot long private road that will connect the City of Malibu to the development is not up for Coastal Commission consideration. The Malibu City Council in January chose to delay a vote on that road until the Coastal Commission rules on the homes.

So what does The Edge have to say about all the noise from his future neighbors

Dear friends,

Thanks for taking the time to look over the information on this website. I never thought I would have to resort to this form of communication, but because of recent inaccurate media coverage, I felt compelled to set the record straight.

I hope you will agree that my partners and I have worked diligently to design homes that meet the highest environmental standards; that fit appropriately and aesthetically into this beautiful part of Southern California; and that are truly remarkable examples of the best architecture and design.

Why did we go to so much effort? Because my family and I love Malibu. We’ve maintained a residence here for more than a decade, and once our new home is finished we expect to spend much of our time here. We want to create something that we can be proud of.

We all acknowledge and understand the concerns arising from our immediate neighbors and neighborhood about the disruption that any building project causes on daily lives. We take this into consideration and are doing our utmost at looking for ways to minimize this disruption.

I hope the facts and background we’ve included on this site will reassure anyone who may have concerns about our project. I know how quickly rumors can spread and misinformation can multiply. We’ve tried to address those as fully as possible.

The California coast is a true natural treasure, and I believe in responsible design that honors such a unique location. I am confident we have done just that.

Thank you again for visiting.

The Edge

Check out the site yourself and hey if you want to live next door and think your going to stop over and have a beer think again. -