Vote for U2's 360 Tour 2009 Fan Video

Editor Note:  In case you lived under a rock for the past year and you found this website by mistake. Here is a small refresher before we ask you to vote. Real fans you know the story by now. So go directly to the bottom for the voting details.

The U2 360° tour that recently ended its first leg in the U.S. has taken the stadium show to a new level. The sheer scope of the production is mind-boggling. It took two years to design and develop, travels on 180 trucks, employs more than 400 people — including 12 system engineer/techs — and uses an astounding amount of audio and video gear. The best thing about the show is the communication and contact between the band and the audience provided by the 170-foot-tall steel structure perched over the stage.

Originally inspired by the Theme Building at Los Angeles’ LAX airport, the four-legged “spider” incorporates all of the lighting, some of the 12 manned cameras and spots, massive speaker arrays and a huge 360-degree vertically expandable LED video screen.

And as ridiculous as it sounds, once the show starts, you forget it’s there: Instead of being the elephant in the room, the structure focuses attention on the band and how they interact with the crowd, both near and far.

The inner ring nearest the main stage gives more than 3,000 fans close proximity to the band, while the outer ring gives the band access to standing and seated concert goers farther out.

At different times during the show, The Edge, Bono, Adam Clayton and even drummer Larry Mullins Jr. use two moving bridges to perform between the areas and are followed by video and audio all the way.

Voting: When the tour started we agreed to collect videos from every show from fans, guests, U2Tourfans team and crew. Its easy for us to say we have 50 to 60 videos from each show. Now the boys don’t mind punters shooting video. They are not cool with people selling them. Most fans would never buy or sell a bootleg video. (we hope) We have a process to post the videos to our channel (U2TOURFANS) or our Fan page on Facebook. We have selected a couple of videos to be the video of the year. Voting starts today and runs thru Monday - We ask that you vote only once per day (12hr) and that you view all the videos before voting.  Lets have some fun - Vote  Now- Please share and post your thoughts.