Horizon Hang Over

Really good, but not what I was expecting. U2 fans have been demanding a rocker of a song with a lot of depth and experimentalization for several years now. Get On Your Boots lives up exactly to Edge's summation and U2's desire to satisfy its fans.

But when we got what we wanted, for some U2 fans, it wasn't really what they wanted. U2 has said that they never were really a singles-type of band, but have remained relevent and viable to an enormous loyal worldwide fan base because of their depth and big picture mindset. This is not your typical first single release - a catchy poppish song with a big hook. It runs much deeper. Not what I expected for a first single - but I'm glad I did NOT get that typical pop first single we get from most artists. This looks like the makings of a very rich album, and I'm looking forward to hearing the rest.

Bono's charitable and diplomatic activities can be a two-edged sword. Ironically, They do seem to make him appear to removed from the real world that listens to U2's music, but they also provide a hunger for him to express in his lyrics. What should not go without being stressed highly - The world is also extremely hungry for new quality music - and I truly hoping that that hunger and drive is reflected strongly on this album.

What are your thoughts ?