U2.com has posted the schedule for this week's pre-sales

The last batch of pre-sales for the 2009 tour. Here ya go:

Raleigh, NC (October 3rd), Dallas, TX (October 12th), Houston, TX (October 14th), Norman, OK (October 18th), Phoenix, AZ (October 20th), and Las Vegas, NV (October 23rd).

Tues. 10AM local venue time - Horizon
Wed. 10AM EDT/9AM CDT/8AM MDT/7AM PDT - Breathe
Wed. 6PM EDT/5PM CDT/4PM MDT/3PM PDT - Boots
Presale ends Thursday 5PM local venue time.

UPDATE: The first five shows listed above will all be sold via Ticketmaster. Pre-sales for the Las Vegas show, however, will be sold through www.getfirstaccess.com, because Sam Boyd Stadium is not part of the Ticketmaster system.

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