U2 and Eno Again

U2 and Eno Again

Producer says they're off to the studio

The legendary producer didn’t give any more details at all – but made the comment at the very end of an event last night in which he discussed philosophy and politics with US trumpeter and composer Jon Hassell.

The talk at London's South Bank Centre was the opening to this year’s Ether Festival, and on Sunday and Monday night Eno will perform alongside David Byrne as part of the same event.

The legendary producer and former Roxy Music member is credited with the invention of ambient music, and during his career has worked with the likes of Talking Heads, David Bowie, U2 and Coldplay as well as producing numerous world music records.

Hassell collaborated with Eno on the 1980 album ‘Fourth World Vol. 1: Possible Musics,’ and early in his musical career worked with the revered composer and sound pioneer Karlheinz Stockhausen.

In his career Eno has recorded more than forty solo and collaborative studio albums, beginning in 1973 with Here Come The Warm Jets, and most recently last year’s Whatever Happens Will Happen Today with David Byrne.

6 Music will be at Byrne and Eno’s gig on Sunday night – so tune in to our music news bulletins and check the website on Monday for reviews and reaction from fans.

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