U2 Remixed - and other news

I guess it was about time for a re-mix right ? The CD is sliding down the charts faster then a high school girls panties on prom night. Sure I said it. Come on you thought it. So why not say it.

Anyway. U2 Bootleggers for years have created re-mixed songs. Now lookie here. Crookers, and Justice and now Fred Falke. Just finished listing to Fred's mix and my my Freddie that's a pretty tasty treat you have mixxed up for us. Magnificent will be the second single from NLOTH of course I liked the orignal CD name "French Disco" which was dropped during the session. A/R people most likely jumped up and down. "We need a CD name that we can sell !"

Ok, most of you visitors have been dropping some pretty cool mail on me. Yea I read most of your crap and file 13 a lot of noise. Rarely does an oppertunity to bake up some fresh comments about your lack of music taste pass me by. However this weekend I am going to pull back reflect on some music choices and dive right into the expanded sections next week. What does that all mean to you. Well folks that means we are going to go for a ride on a the musical highway.

My I will be selecting some tunes for you to enjoy, comment and of course share. No, you can't download them from me. Just a list - If you want to buy them, please visit our sponsor. "APPLE"

Which brings me to the part I rave about iTunes. Yes its time that you folks clicked on the link.

Your not having to buy anything today, just enjoy the free song of the day, or free video.

Brings me to the sponsorship conversation. We are going to revise the whole site. Yes Virgina we are. tearing down the old to bring in a fresh new look in time for the Tour Kick off. We want to be able to welcome fans and have them share their stories and photos. A warm cozy place for us. So my sponsorship packages will be very limited and focused around a couple of items. Music, Social Media, Video and humm what ? You tell me

Anyway, I gotta roll out....... Later - Think of something interesting to share and send it to me.