U2 Release New Vinyl on Record Store Day

Record store day is a little over a month away. U2 will release "Songs of Innocence" (Record Store Day Deluxe Exclusive Vinyl) which is listed on RSD site as

Format: 2 x 12" Vinyl
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release
More Info:
White, dye-cut gatefold center hole vinyl sleeve on front and back covers. Double black vinyl. Numbered.

We should expect the following tracks

LP 1: Songs Of Innocence with 10 tracks.


  • Lucifer's Hands
  • The Crystal Ballroom
  • The Troubles (Alternative Version)
  • Sleep Like A Baby Tonight (Alternative Perspective Mix by Tchad Blake)
  • Invisible


Acoustic Sessions

  • Every Breaking Wave
  • California (There Is No End To Love)
  • Raised by Wolves
  • Cedarwood Road
  • Song For Someone
  • The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) Busker Version

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Fake Bono Twitter Account

A few weeks ago reports we heard some reports of a possible Bono twitter account. The news circled all of the fan sites and of course most of the subscribed to the possibility that Bono could in fact be on twitter with a public account.

Well U2 fans, not a chance ! Its a fake and not even close to anything that Bono would associate with. Sources confirmed late yesterday that the account which cause all of the twitter noise is in fact a fake. This one is pretty bold. Of course we already have a great twitter follower @fakebono which provides some interesting commentary from time to time.

This new account while interesting collection of "friends" really is not doing much.  Remember which Edge got on twitter? That account proved to be fun during the tour. Pretty sure once the tour gets closer we can expect to see from traffic from @Edge360. Meantime why not download our new app and follow us on twitter. We will keep you informed and blast those rumors away. Until next time @U2TOURFANS

U2's Films of Innocence Due December 9th

11 different artists unite to create U2’s next release due December 9th currently available on pre-order “Films Of Innocence” Artist create visuals out of U2’s current album “Songs Of Innocence”

The film is only available on iTunes as of now. The release date is listed as December 9th, and the film can be pre-ordered now for $12.99 (USD) for HD, or $9.99 for standard.  Apple has already begun the promotion around the film and has it listed as one of the featured films.

U2's Films of Innocence

U2's Films of Innocence

11 of the world's most acclaimed urban artists unveil their work through a collection of art films, inspired by U2's Songs of Innocence. Taking the political murals of Northern Ireland as a reference point, U2 pioneered the project to celebrate the unique democratic power of urban art. Oliver Jeffers, Robin Rhode, D*Face, Mode 2, Chloe Early, Ganzeer, Vhils, Maser, ROA, DALeast, and Todd James make up this global multidisciplinary group project. Chosen for their undisputed ability to capture the imaginations of their audiences, the artists were given complete creative freedom to showcase their personal responses to U2's music, through a series of part-animated, part live action films. The result is an exhilarating display of diversity in approach, style and commentary. Powerful and cognizant, their works scale the globe, play with time, and weave between heightened reality and animated dreamscapes. United for the first time in film, the eleven international artists have taken their work from the streets to the screen. These original works of video art transpose their visions from the physical to the digital and are collected here together as a visual counter-point to the album, a set of unique and compelling Films of Innocence.

Jefferson Hack is credited as the film's director and Lois Newcombe as producer.

Top 10 U2 Songs of all time

Today we thought about something on the lite side after yesterday’s story on Bono, who would have ever thought we would get so many comments.  Our collection based on our likes, of course we welcome your thoughts too. Also remember if your looking for a gift for the holiday we have a great selection of items either in our amazon story or our music store.

U2 has been around for over 25 years which puts them in a very small class.  Making that class even smaller is the fact that the music they’re making today is often as good as the music they were making in the early to mid 80’s when they first started out. In the two decades they’ve been together, Bono and the boys ( The Edge, Adam Clayton and Larry Mullen, JR.) have tackld many different subjects and styles of music and that can make it pretty hard to pick ten songs as their best. For now we will leave out No Line.

We think part of what makes U2 so great to listen to is that every fan could have a different list of favorites and it would be hard to argue against any of them.  A few other AC Content producers have already published their take on the Top Ten Songs by U2.  Here are our ten favorite U2 songs along with a few brief comments on why we love them enough to put them on this list.

10. With or Without You - The Joshua Tree
This song has a great moody feel. I love the way it slowly builds and builds and builds until Bono finally cuts loose at the three minute mark. Time and cigarettes have taken a bit of a toll on Bono’s voice, but in the days of The Joshua Tree he could soar like very few vocalists can.

9. All I Want is You - Rattle and Hum
This choice is all about Bono. It’s one of my favorite vocals by him.  Most singers today seem to try and prove how talented they are by oversinging everything so it’s especially lovely to hear something as quiet and understated as this vocal performance.

8. City of Blinding Lights - How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb
We like Vertigo and we love Sometimes You Can’t Make it On Your Own, but this is the song from How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb that I keep coming back to. It has a big, building, uplifting melody that we love. U2 does this kind of soaring song better than anyone else. Very Where the Streets Have No Nameish. We also want to point out on the 360 tour this song fits so nice with the stage and lights.

7. Pride (In the Name of Love) Rattle and Hum
I love the lines, “Free at last/They took your life/They could not take your pride.” Plus a Jesus reference! (“One may betrayed with a kiss.”) love that U2 has never been afraid to mix the secular and the spiritual.

6. Acrobat - Achtung Baby  For a period in the 90’s, U2 moved away from their mostly hopeful, upbeat music.  This song really encompasses the darker, more cynical attitude of that time.  It’s definitely a different mood but, no surprise, a lot of the music is just as good as the material that preceded it.   “I must be an acrobat/To talk like this and act like that” is a feeling that most people have had at some point in their lives.

5. Running to Stand StillThe Joshua Tree
Another beautiful melody. I love Edge’s twanging guitar at the very beginning. Plus I’m a sucker for songs with things like “Ha La La La De Day, Ha La La La De Day” in them. Fun to sing along with. Oh, and there’s harmonicas!

4. Beautiful Day - All That You Can’t Leave Behind

The students I work with every day are 11 and 12 and I can’t believe the junk they listen to. I catch snatches of it here and there or they’ll insist on playing this “really awesome” song for me. The language is awful and the lyrics are sexist, violent, or just plain hateful. So I love that one of the biggest rock bands in the world came back from a long hiatus with a song called Beautiful Day featuring lyrics as simple and direct as, “It’s a beautiful day/Don’t let it slip away.” I love the “daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay”s in the background. This song makes me so, so happy. It has a very joyful feeling about it.

3. I Will Follow - Boy
Awwww, Bono sounds so young!  Twenty-five years later this song still sounds as fresh and energetic as it did the day it was released.

2. Until the End of the World - Achtung Baby
How can you not love a rock star who writes a song from the point of view of Judas Iscariot? Fabulous. One of my favorite songs ever. The lyrics, the tune, the sheer creativity of the idea behind it – all amazing. I don’t know if I’d say Bono has one of the greatest pure voices, but he can get to the heart and emotion of a song like very few people singing right now can. He totally delivers every time, and this is one of the best examples of that.

1. I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For - The Joshua Tree I  kind of feel like this is a pretty cliched song to pick as my favorite U2 song, but everyone in the world knows it for a reason: It’s a great song. I love that one of the band’s most popular songs contains some of the most direct references to Christianity (“I believe in the kingdom come/When all the colors will bleed into one/Bleed into one/But yes I’m still running/You broke the bonds/And you loosed the chains/Carried the cross and all my shame/All my shame/You know I believe it…”) As I said earlier, the combination of secular and religious ideas is one of my favorite things about U2. Their music is filled to the brim with religious references and not generic “spiritual” ideas – references that are very specific to Christianity, the Bible, and Jesus. People are so quick to separate secular and religious – one goes here, and one goes there, and never shall the two meet – and I love that U2 doesn’t do that. Even when I’m not sure I entirely agree with something they’ve expressed, it’s always thoughtful and honest and sincere, and I can’t help but appreciate that.

Of course you can download the whole collection of U2 songs direct from iTunes.


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U2 Remixed - and other news

I guess it was about time for a re-mix right ? The CD is sliding down the charts faster then a high school girls panties on prom night. Sure I said it. Come on you thought it. So why not say it.

Anyway. U2 Bootleggers for years have created re-mixed songs. Now lookie here. Crookers, and Justice and now Fred Falke. Just finished listing to Fred's mix and my my Freddie that's a pretty tasty treat you have mixxed up for us. Magnificent will be the second single from NLOTH of course I liked the orignal CD name "French Disco" which was dropped during the session. A/R people most likely jumped up and down. "We need a CD name that we can sell !"

Ok, most of you visitors have been dropping some pretty cool mail on me. Yea I read most of your crap and file 13 a lot of noise. Rarely does an oppertunity to bake up some fresh comments about your lack of music taste pass me by. However this weekend I am going to pull back reflect on some music choices and dive right into the expanded sections next week. What does that all mean to you. Well folks that means we are going to go for a ride on a the musical highway.

My I will be selecting some tunes for you to enjoy, comment and of course share. No, you can't download them from me. Just a list - If you want to buy them, please visit our sponsor. "APPLE"

Which brings me to the part I rave about iTunes. Yes its time that you folks clicked on the link.

Your not having to buy anything today, just enjoy the free song of the day, or free video.

Brings me to the sponsorship conversation. We are going to revise the whole site. Yes Virgina we are. tearing down the old to bring in a fresh new look in time for the Tour Kick off. We want to be able to welcome fans and have them share their stories and photos. A warm cozy place for us. So my sponsorship packages will be very limited and focused around a couple of items. Music, Social Media, Video and humm what ? You tell me

Anyway, I gotta roll out....... Later - Think of something interesting to share and send it to me.