The Bono dash to the wedding

BONO left the stage in Sheffield facing a dash to get to the church on time - for pop star pal Andrea Corr's wedding. The U2 singer trying to jet back to for Andrea's marriage to billionaire heir Brett Desmond.

Bono, who celebrates his own wedding anniversary today, is thought to be planning to sing at the Doonbeg Golf Resort venue before rejoining the band to perform at the Millennium Stadiumtomorrow.

As reported before the boys have a private jet at their disposal.

The foursome have a private jet at their disposal. Even with the private jet this may not be easy as some insiders have commented. I am sure the handlers have this one figured out. If Bono really wants to attend, it will happen.

The golf resort, in a romantic setting overlooking the Atlantic, is preparing for one of the largest celebrity weddings it has ever hosted.

Andrea is rumoured to be walking down the aisle in a couture Vera Wang dress, with her sisters Sharon and Caroline as bridesmaids.