U2 Rocked 45K @ Don Valley Stadium and more on-line

Don Valley Stadium in Sheffield The U2 360 Tour went out live on air to millions of radio listeners in the UK and around the world to U2.com subscribers with a live audio stream. The stream was not without a couple of bumps in the road. If you follow us on twitter you knew that the show was about 20 to 25 minutes into it before online fans had started listening to the first note. However knowing that millions of U2.com fans had logged on and briefly slowed the site to a halt the stream sounded wonderful. It as electric as some of the tweets suggested.

The first show at Don Valley was back May 1980 remember the Tick Tock Tour? Of course Z00 TV made its grand entrance June 92.

It was sort of a birthday present for Willie Williams (Show Designer) has the band and 45,000 fans sang Happy Birthday to Sheffield's own.

One of the highlights: ’Where are we going?’ Bono asked, as the band introduced ’Magnificent’. ’Rotherham, Manchester?’ Sheffield was the northern town he was looking for and Sheffield gave the penultimate night of the European 360 Tour a show to remember.If you attended the show, or listened on-line tell us your thoughts.

Now, its on o Cardiff and over the horizon North America calls in September where the shows are yet to be sold out.

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