U2 Ready for Chicago !

The boys are ready ! Rested up from their successful euro tour. If your a regular you already know all the details like:

  • Designed by Willie Williams (his 10th U2 production)
  • Architect is Mark Fisher (his 6th U2 production)
  • Built by Belgian company Stageco using high-pressure hydraulic systems.
  • Steel structure is 90 feet tall
  • Center pylon reaches 150 feet
  • Designed to support 180 tons
  • Cylindrical video screen weighs 54 tons opening to 14,000 square feet (as big as 2 doubles tennis courts).
  • Video screen is made up of 1 million pieces.(500,000 pixels, 320,000 fasteners, 30,000 cables, 150,000 machined pieces).
  • Takes four days to build 
  • Takes 12 hours to load in screen, stage and universal production equipment
  • Takes six hours for production to dismantle stage and 48 hours to dismantle and load it out of the stadium.

And the list goes on and on. Remember we have already posted the story that includes the names of everyone on the crew. So say hello and remember they do it for the love of Rock and Roll. 

The set should last about two hours touching on about 22 to 24 songs. Saturdays show has been sold out, however last word with Live Nation tickets for Sunday’s show are still available. Costs range from $ 30.00 to super sweet $ 250.00 and please don’t forget those service fees. 

Ok for those of you not going to the show. follow on twitter and you will feel like you attended the show. Videos will be posted as soon as possible. Photos will be posted on the album based on city name. *check todays photo adds.  Spend some time looking around the site, we have tons of new features and we keep adding stuff.  Most of all your comments are welcome so please speak up ! 

Drop Box is open from now until Monday night 

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(Tribune photo by Abel Uribe / Sept. 11, 2009)