Review Chicago Sunday

Bono singing ’Chicago’ in the introduction to Magnificent, with the audience, unsurprisingly, in seventh heaven. ’One for the money, two for the show, where are we in the world… Union Street.’

The second show a chance to win over the Chicago news. The band was rehearsing “Your Blue Room” earlier in the day and they did not disapoint. For Your Blue Room, widely agreed to be among the most beautiful tracks the band have ever written, released on the 1995 album Original Soundtracks when the band recorded as Passengers with Brian Eno

It debuted live during the main set, 14 years later.

Fact: This was the only second Passengers song that U2 has ever played live. Adam did not have his spoken verse rather it as done by te astronauts (International Space Station) pre-recorded from the first show.

Couple of points

  • During “One” a few of the vocals, missing
  • Elevation was mixed into a couple of songs
  • Unknown Caller was incomplete, mixed in a some of Breathe

The band had some other changes, most of the tweeter comments said while the flow was different it fe

lt little like a start and stop. This joint was jumping for Elevation, while Until The End of the World and Stay, another couple of songs which have been played sparingly to date, also had 65,000 people lost in the music. ’Green light, Seven Eleven/ You stop in for a pack of cigarettes/ You don’t smoke, don’t even want to/ Hey now, check your change….’ And if the suit of lights for Ultraviolet is making a name for itself, welcome to the steering wheel microphone swinging low from high up in space station - now with added LED’s.

Most will agree its an amazing show. Song selection is key we wonder what you thought ?

Videos posted on U2TOURFANS channel - Credits to twitter followers, and wide news release.