Just feeling U2's next show

Monday night the band all rested up from two days in Chicago, opening the North American tour they head off to Toronto for a show on 9 /17. They have switched planes at this point a retro fitted Air Canada Airbus A320-211 C-GQCA (msn 210) in the colors of the Irish rock band U2 with “ThreeSixtyAir” titles.

The tour is in support of the group’s 2009 album “No Line on the Horizon”.The U2 360° Tour is named after the 360-degree staging and audience configuration it uses for shows, which U2 claims is “the first time a band has toured in stadiums with such a unique and original structure.” Previously AC decorated A320 C-FPWE for the U2 Vertigo Tour.

Twitter: We have had some fans ask us who else they can follow via twtter for show updates and news. We have tons of references the best way would be to see who follows us and start following them.  The whole idea for U2TOURFANS was to create a place to exchange the fan experience. We really don’t mind sharing the tweets or the information. In fact it makes the experience that much better.

1000MIKES: Yes you asked and we do have channel we will offer the use of the channel to a different fan for each show. Yes we plan on using it as well. However we all know how long batteries last. We of course use a Blackberry Bold *AT&T and LG ZEON

YouTube: Our channel of course can be found via U2TOURFANS we try to post videos within 48hrs of the show, however that does depend on many factors ( too boring to talk about)

 Chicago Show: Mixed feelings. I guess the highlight was Blue Room.It debuted live during the main set, 14 years later. Fact: This ws the only second Passengers song that U2 has ever played live.

 The Process:  We have been working on a couple of stories. Bottomline it comes down to time and interest. We take your feedback and we look for the story. Most of you have asked for the tour news, such as how many trucks, how do they tour the US ( bus, plane ) All of those details. One item everyone has been asking for we have not choosen to share. “Techincal Rider” this is really something that should remain with the Band and the venue.