Express Packaged a different show

Last nights show had the boys performing in Washington D.C. area ( check the map for details) FedEx Field considered to be one of the largest venues in the U.S. coming in with 80,000 fans. Final numbers not in yet.

If you followed the show on twitter tonight we reported  that this was short set show. Most of the North Ameican show have had 23 songs or better. However last nights show came in at 22 songs. Here’s the rub. During the second leg the band has been wacing goodbye at the end of Walk On and taking the encore break before Tutu’s speach that leads into One. This is a departure from the Euro sets that had no break between Tutu and One.

So quickly what was missing tonight, the title track from the new album. Unknown Call, we would consider Your Blue Room as part of the show. A couple of song location changes.  We will wait to see what reports on the set. - A full review later in the morning. Videos and Photos posted as we clean them up.