U2 360° Tour arrives FedEx

Today, Tuesday, Sep 29 7:30p


The 360° Tour comes on the heels of the February release of ‘No Line on the Horizon’ - the band’s 12th studio album. No Line on the Horizon has been met with critical acclaim and has already reached Gold status in the United States.

Long-time U2 Show Director Willie Williams has worked again with architect Mark Fisher (ZooTV, PopMart, Elevation and Vertigo), to create an innovative 360˚ design which affords an unobstructed view for the audience. U2 360° also marks the first time a band has toured in stadiums with such a unique and original structure.


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  Need to know:

U2 May Be Stuck in Traffic

If you notice extra heavy traffic heading home on the Beltway, Landover Road or Central Avenue on Tuesday night, blame the band. The concert is scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday at FedEx Field in Landover.


The Arena Drive exit from the Capital Beltway is now open full time. But Maryland highway officials say the Route 214 exit (Central Avenue) tends to be less crowded than other exits.

Best Bet: Take Metrorail to and from the Morgan Boulevard Station on the Blue Line. The station is a little less than a mile south of the stadium. Normally, the last train out of there would leave at 11:25 p.m. on a week night, but Metro is going to keep the station open till 1 a.m. to help the post-concert crowd.

Riders will be able to transfer from those extra Blue Line trains to the other lines, but Morgan Boulevard will be the only station admitting passengers after the regular midnight closing time.

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