U2 to perform at Engenhão in Rio !

U2 360 TOUR / Dave Long According to sources the band will be playing in Apirl 2011 - The group is expected to perform at the Stadium Engenhao (RIO). The boys have only played RIO once before (1998) According to sources Morumbi Stadium also is consdiered to be a stop on 8th, 9th and 10th of Apirl 2011.

Suggestions have been made that U2 could be closing the World Cup 2014. This story came up after rumors about the governor of Ro De Janeiro (Sergio Cabral) gave the boys a presentation.

Chilean newspaper “La Tercera”. According to the newspaper, U2 will come to South America in 2011 to do shows in Argentina, Chile and Brazil. The dates of the tour concerts 360 degrees here in Brazil will only be released once the contracts in Argentina and Chile are already closed. T

Although they have not yet confirmed tour dates, the same news shows that the U2 shows in Brazil will take place in March 2011.  On the official website of U2, U2 at the 360 ° Tour 2010/2011, are blank information about concerts between October 2010 and May 2011.

Although the shows are rumored to happen in March 2011 in Brazil, still no word on ticket sales for U2 in Brazil in 2011, local presentations (Maracanã, Morumbi …) and cities are not yet defined.

But you know you want to go to shows that the forecast sales of tickets (entries) should already start in October or November. Wait for more information about tickets to U2 in Brazil in 2010.