U2 Possible Tour Stops in Peru, Chile, Brazil, Argentina

New York City: The newspaper "La Tercera De Chile" has awoken many U2 fans within South America, breaking news reports suggests that Live Nation has already signed agreements from around South America. Which at this time can not be confirmed.

The South/Latin American tour would be part of the current tour "The Joshua Tree" expectations are that this could come later in the year,  the paper suggests more towards the end of the year.

Makes sense South/Latin America would be in the summertime, and the weather for stadium shows would be better in most venues also for tour routing. As details develop, we will let you know. For now, let's just chill a bit and see what happens.


U2 Singapore, U2 Holidays and 2017

New York City:  In a strange way, sort of me too statement U2 also will be on their way to Singapore next year (2017) for a possible stadium tour. Coldplay announced their 2017 tour dates with a stop over in Singapore National Stadium. 

Some noise around the boys from Dublin suggests that the long-awaited "Songs Of Experience" may be released in 2017 with a massive global stadium tour.  The Singapore stop would the first time that U2 has performed in Singapore.  Don't start packing as of yet. The boys have not confirmed anything, and sources inside the band have not commented.

We know everyone has been waiting for the next release even talks of a release before Grammy voting season dashed by not releasing anything before October the boys have effectively knocked themselves right off the list of contenders for 2016 which could have been a solid showing for the boys. 

Now it surely looks to be a 2017 release. Which as we stated before this is a big album for U2. The release needs a solid entry on the Billboard charts, not just one hit, a couple of solid placements within the top 10 Rock charts to remain relevant and bring along those new fans from the previous album. 

Now long-time U2 fans will say that they would rather have a solid album and not care too much about the business side. However, this is a business, and the band has been acutely aware that the machine needs to be treated and fed with a successful release.  We hear from U2 fans often that say the business side does not concern them, which our view frankly states that the music has a hard time getting exposure without a solid business plan. In other news, the holidays just around the corner and we have been busy with restructuring the operations side of our community. 

Totally not ready for any major announcements however we can say we plan to scale up in some parts of our social communities and scale down within some.  The bottom line is that we are looking to streamline our communities to reduce our costs and provide a better experience.  Hiring will start in 2017 early for some key members which we will announce shortly.

Holidays !

Yea this is the time of the year we all gather around our friends and family to enjoy some holiday cheer.  We have been working with Mark Peterson to produce a couple of exclusive items for this holiday.

Watch for a release in a few days for Holiday Cards that you can personalize, Calendars and two brand new U2 Photo books and as a bonus a digital access key to the picture vault to download some very exclusive items.  Yea we thought this was a pretty cool way to finish out the year. All proceeds go directly to Mark's touring budget which if you have been following we had Mark around a few cities during the last tour.  Cheers and Be well U2 fans 2017 is right around the corner.

U2 Tours the World 2015

U2 has been working very close guarded on an up coming tour to begin in 2015 Sources close to the band have suggested that the boys will head out and do a full world tour with stops in some countries that they missed the last time around. Such as Peru, Chile and Argentin. Bono visited Peru about a year or so ago and informed the fans that he loved the country and is looking forward to coming back. Now a posting from UM (South America) suggested that South America is big on the tour list.  Now no details have been confirmed and the boys are out marketing their new release so we do not expect to hear much about the tour for at least a few weeks. What we do know is that this is a much different tour and that we can expect some cities to have two or three night dates. Expect MSG to be at least 3 nights. More to follow as we dig into the details. 

Bono takes a trip to Machu Picchu, Peru

Bono / Peru EVEN in the Lost City of the Incas, Bono is treated like a sun god.

If proof were needed that there is not a corner of the planet where the U2 frontman is not instantly recognised, Bono was cheered by fans high in the mountains of deepest, darkest Peru.

The rockstar is on a week-long holiday to the South American country with his wife, Ali Hewson, and took in a visit to the famed Inca city of Machu Picchu at the weekend. Bono said “I love Machu Picchu is is an impressive place”

He was flanked by local police and security officials as he toured the UNESCO World Heritage site for several hours.

Stunned tourists did a double-take as they saw one of the world’s biggest rock stars walking around the 15th Century ruins and were soon following him up the steep trails with their cameras held aloft.

Dressed all in black, with his trademark glasses, peaked cap and carrying a walking stick, Bono stopped to greet fans and seemed unphased by the fuss his visit was creating. He’d even swapped his favourite Cuban heels for a pair of comfy trainers.

The singer has been mobbed by fans since arriving in the capital Lima last Thursday, where he was also met by a large media presence.

He was reported in local media as saying: “I am here with my family to discover this beautiful country for the first time. I am excited, but I’m here with my family so I hope you understand I cannot say hello to everyone.”

His group spent a night in Lima before taking a one-hour flight by private jet to the popular tourist town of Cuzco, once the capital of the Inca empire, high in the Andes.


Bono / Peru Many tourists make their way on foot to Machu Picchu from Cuzco, a two- to three-day trek, along the trail built centuries ago by the Incas.

But others, like Bono and his party, take a train to Aguas Calientes, a small town some 80km from Cuzco, which is famed for its natural hot springs. The group would then have travelled the zigzag 6km scenic route up the mountain to the slopes of Machu Picchu.

Bono and his companions were shown around the ruined temples and other structures by a local guide and are understood to have visited some of its best-known attractions, including the Temple of the Three Windows, the Sacred Rock and the Temple of the Sun.

The entire site lay hidden in the mountains for centuries and was only uncovered in 1911.

The rock star’s wife Ali has travelled to Peru on business in the past with her ethical fashion brand Edun and sources materials from the South American country.

The couple are expected to leave the country on Wednesday.

- Breda Heffernan

Chile Stadium Filling Up !


6 Thousand screaming fans are already inside the statdium as 3,00 more await to enter the inner circle. Doors open 16:00 and according to production estimates 75 thousand fans will pack the house tonight.

At 6 o’clock yesterday morning began arriving fans of the quartet, who spent Thursday night and early this morning covered with sleeping bags and tents, to overcome the low temperatures.

The fans that came as they were being marked with a number, managed to let them spend the night at the Stadium Athletic Track.

Those numbers would allow them to be going smoothly to Inner Circle sector, which occur around 14.00 or 15.00, before the opening of doors to the general public scheduled for 16.00 pm today.

Before entering the venue, fans were entertained by U2 singing songs with guitar, and then enjoying the sound check for their idols, which started at 18.40 and lasted for about 3 hours. Could there be a glimpse of how the code tonight, with topics such as Mysterious Ways, Beautiful Day and Elevation and the stunning scenery that includes the 360 tour of the set of Bono.

Among the long line of fans, including people from different cities of Chile and Peru, Brazil, USA and Germany also were followers of the English Muse, who will open fire with your show tonight, at 20.00 hours. U2’s performance is scheduled for 21.30.

Send us your fan photos -

U2 360° Heading To Chile

Live Nation Global Touring  today confirmed that U2 will return to Chile. The U2 360° Tour will visit Estadio Nacional in Santiago  on Friday March 25th, 2011 and special guests on the night will be Muse.

Tickets will go on sale to the general public on December 16th and  to Entel customers paying only with CMR Falabella cards on Monday, December 13th and Tuesday 14th via Ticketmaster.

 U2.com subscribers can enter a special advance PRESALE  beginning this FRIDAY, DECEMBER 10th at 10am (local) and running until this SUNDAY, DECEMBER 12th at 5pm (local).

Subscribers will be emailed ahead of this presale with details of timings.

U2 to perform at Engenhão in Rio !

U2 360 TOUR / Dave Long According to sources the band will be playing in Apirl 2011 - The group is expected to perform at the Stadium Engenhao (RIO). The boys have only played RIO once before (1998) According to sources Morumbi Stadium also is consdiered to be a stop on 8th, 9th and 10th of Apirl 2011.

Suggestions have been made that U2 could be closing the World Cup 2014. This story came up after rumors about the governor of Ro De Janeiro (Sergio Cabral) gave the boys a presentation.

Chilean newspaper “La Tercera”. According to the newspaper, U2 will come to South America in 2011 to do shows in Argentina, Chile and Brazil. The dates of the tour concerts 360 degrees here in Brazil will only be released once the contracts in Argentina and Chile are already closed. T

Although they have not yet confirmed tour dates, the same news shows that the U2 shows in Brazil will take place in March 2011.  On the official website of U2, U2 at the 360 ° Tour 2010/2011, are blank information about concerts between October 2010 and May 2011.

Although the shows are rumored to happen in March 2011 in Brazil, still no word on ticket sales for U2 in Brazil in 2011, local presentations (Maracanã, Morumbi …) and cities are not yet defined.

But you know you want to go to shows that the forecast sales of tickets (entries) should already start in October or November. Wait for more information about tickets to U2 in Brazil in 2010. 

Peru, Argentina and Brazil Expect U2 in 2011

Peruvian fans are crossing their fingers and keeping hopes high about actually attending a U2 concert in Lima, since many rumors say that the famous Irish band may perform in Chile and Argentina during their Latin American tour.

As we have stated rumors keep coming in about next years possible shows in South America, we have yet to hear anything offical. The rumor suggests that March 31st could be the date for Argentina.  Which than makes way for a South American tour that would include Brazil, Chile and possible Peru.