U2 Rarities To Be Played On The Vinyl Experience

U2 fan and author John D. Luerssen will bring his extensive collection of U2 rarities to New York’s WRXP this Sunday when he is the special guest of “The Vinyl Experience” host Paul Cavalconte.

Among the goodies that NYC area listeners can hear on 101.9 FM (and stream live via www.1019rxp.com) this Sunday include U2’s 1978 demo “Street Missions,” a 1979 track from the group’s CBS Eire debut EP Three, the band’s long disowned 1982 A-side “A Celebration” and more.

In a special segment of “The Vinyl Experience” dedicated to Luerssen’s new 450+ page book, U2 FAQ: Anything You’d Ever Want To Know About The World’s Biggest Band And More (Backbeat), Cavalconte and Luerssen talk at length about the accomplishments of U2 and the impact the Dublin band has had on the rock world since it first came together at a non-secular arts high school in Dublin in 1976. The show airs Sunday at 9 a.m.

“This is a rare opportunity for me as a fan to highlight some of the awesome lesser known songs in the U2 catalog,” says Luerssen, a Westfield, New Jersey resident who listens to the radio station loyally. “What a thrill to visit the ‘RXP studios and chat with Paul.”

Other rare songs from U2’s catalog slated for the segment include the original version of “Sweetest Thing,” a 1987 Joshua Tree B-side that the band reworked into a massive hit in 1998, U2’s rendition of Lou Reed’s