U2TOURFANS Annual Event

Dear U2TOURFANS - Every year about this time we review our budget and expense for next year to see how we plan to provide the great level of information and support to you the fan as we have the past couple of years.

We have tried the advertising route with very little success, we have tried the sponsorship route that that has turned out to be very helpful to us. Next year 2011 will be a busy year for us. As you can guess we have some great new stuff coming your way.

Here is what we desided to do for 2011 - We have a fundraiser goinng on right now on our site. You can click and make a donation and support our little project and help us be funded for the whole year with one sponsor matching the funds. Amazing what we can do as a team. 

Yes we understand its the holiday season and we know that most of the world has been under a lot of pressure however we believe that if every person helps a little bit we can achieve our goals.

Next year will be the most amazing U2 Tour year in a long time, help us report every show, provide vidoe for every photo and tweet the setlist for every show. We have street teams in place and ready to ride out to the shows.

We thank you in advance for your consideration. Happy Holidays from the U2TOURFANS Teams