"Spider-Man" loses lead actress

Natalie Mendoza, a lead actress in the troubled Broadway musical “Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark,” reportedly has left the production.

Mendoza, who suffered a concussion last month during the show’s first preview performance, played the villain Arachne in the musical, which was scored by U2’s Bono and the Edge. The actress’ departure hasn’t been officially announced, but the New York Times reports that the details of her exit are being finalized.

During the preview performance, Mendoza was hit by a rope carrying production equipment backstage. She last performed on Dec. 20, and producers have since said that she has been on vocal rest, with understudy America Olivo filling in. During the Dec. 20 performance, cast member Christopher Tierney reporedly sustained broken ribs and internal bleeding when he fell from a platform.

At $65 million, “Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark,” is the most expensive Broadway production ever undertaken. It currently is scheduled to open Feb. 7.

The show has proved to be a technical challenge, with extravagant pyrotechnics, and cast members — hoisted by cables — flying over the audience at high speeds. There have been other injuries during previews and rehearsals related to the aerial elements — one actor broke both wrists, another broke both feet.