Will.i.am teams up with U2

Will.i.am, the American singer cum producer confirms the news that he has teamed up with the legendary rock band U2 to producer their next album. The hip hop star who himself has sold 28 million copies worldwide is quite excited about the new project and foresees this opportunity as a new milestone in his career.U2 and Will.i.am played some of their underproduction songs in front of the gorgeous actor George Clooney and beautiful Cindy Crawford at the Bono’s house and according to Will they were much impressed with the work they have done so far. The under working tile of their upcoming album is “Songs of Ascent” and it will be the 13th U2 studio album.

U2 will resume their 360° Tour from Johannesburg, South African on Feb 13, 2011 and will continue touring countries including Mexico, Argentina and Brazil. The overwhelmed demand of U2 in Argentina and Brazil forced the band to add more new dates for these 2 countries. U2 will end its 360° Tour on July 26, 2011 with a performance at the Heinz Field, Pittsburg.

U2 band also known for its long time charity contribution was at the Sydney’s Opera House on Tuesday for the launch of World AIDS day where U2 front man Bono requested the public to keep the AIDS awareness campaign alive. The lead singer has become very much concerned and feels it’s the time to take serious action as nearly 6,000 people in Ireland, his homeland are effected with the HIV/AIDS virus. Buy cheap U2 tickets online to enjoy their shows live in your city!