U2TOURFANS Major Announcement

U2TOURFANS - We are in the process of an annual fundraiser that impacts our 2011 budget Many questions have been fielded over the last few days. Also we have some great news to let you all know about.

In order for our 360 social media experience to continue we have an annual fundraiser to help offset the costs of keeping us on-line and up to date. All the funds are used to support the development, purchases and other items that are needed to keep this project flowing. Right now you can find us on all of the following social media sites. Your support helps our team keep everything current.

Starting on January 1st we will remove all advertising but two companies. Itunes, and JimmyJane - We will no longer have any advertising. This is decision was based on your feedback. The advertising that was on our site was part of the income used to keep the project operational along with our annual fundraiser. We have chosen to remove all the advertising and come to you as supporters to ask that you consider a donation to our site.

We believe in the end this will be better for the project and you the fan. We will not be limited to our advertising companies as to what and how we say what’s on our minds.  Freedom to express.

The North American tour will have a road crew that will be out to each show to provide you a total experience for those that can not attend. We plan to hold meet and greets, ticket give away,  swag give a ways and much more.  Our team will need to have food, gas, and a place to stay while out on the road. This is the first time we will have one team go from show to show across America. If your company is interested in sponsoring this project we can give you all the details and provide you the creative concept behind the trip. Our promotion team will insure that your sponsorship returns a visibility for your company.

Now the big news. We have a set a tickets to give away to the North American city of your choice. Yes a pair of tickets will be given away to someone that makes a donation.  All you have to do is make a donation and your name and email address will be captured and we will select one person from all of the donations collected.  Sorry you can not exchange the tickets for cash or any other part of the leg. No backstage passes are included. ( Don’t ask) 

We have a fundraising goal of $2,000.00. Our goal along with a national sponsor will insure that we can contiue to operate for the next year.


  1. Is my donation tax deductible?
    1. Sorry it is not
  2. What does my donation cover?
    1. Operational Budget to help fund our projects
  3. Why should we donate
    1. Our site is free - We operate and provide current news, videos and photos. We do not get support from any other company or persons. ( Well our Editor in Chief as been kind)
  4. How can I sponsor the whole site.
    1. contact us and we will review your request
  5. Tickets, where are they
    1. Your tickets will be based on your city choice. We can not provide you with a location until we know what city you have chosen.
  6. Fundraising will that happen again during the year ?
    1. We would like to have a  one time fundraiser. However if you choose to make a donation any time during the year we are glad to receive it.
  7. Our email address and information what do you do with it
    1. Nothing - We do not sell it - Nor do we market to it - This is strickely for your donation and if you get the tickets.

You can scan and make a donation via our fundraiser partner.