McKinley High and U2 ?

Glee U2 could be the next best-selling artists to get the Glee treatment by the talented stars of McKinley High.

Fresh from the success of the Fox series’ recent ‘The Power of Madonna’ episode, a homage to the queen of pop, there has been speculation that the Dublin rockers could be next to have one of their songs featured on the show.

The Herald can reveal how the new CD from the award-winning series, to be released on May 18, features 19 songs and will include a track entitled One. A song of the same title, taken from U2’s best-selling Achtung Baby album, has regularly featured in Greatest Songs Of All Time lists and has been played by the band at every one of their concerts since 1992.

Entitled Glee, The Music: Volume 3 Showstoppers, the CD includes reworked versions of songs such as Pokerface and Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, alongside Beck’s Loser and Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler.

However, show insiders are keeping tight-lipped on whether the famous U2 song appears or not, given that Creed and Metallica have both released tunes with the same name.

A publicist for U2 said they weren’t aware of any collaboration with Glee, but the band could still have given the go-ahead for its material to be used.