U2 Rocks The Roxy

HOLLYWOOD, CA -  Right smack in the middle of the 5 night run at the Forum, KROQ working with The Roxy Theatre held a surprise gig for about 500 lucky fans who managed to score free tickets for the event.

This was the smallest venue the band has played in many years. The band did come out and spend some time with the fans, signing and posing for photos. Inside the Bono even did a bit of crowd-surfing and amazed fans with a very up close and personal evening.

Wednesday night we had a photo of the set list that was to be performed at the Roxy. The photo turned out to be right on the money. The band had a very long sound check that included “11 O’clock Tick Tock”, “The Ocean” “Elevation”, “Stuck In A Moment”, “Sunday Bloody Sunday”, and “California”.

The band will head back to the forum to finish out their LA gigs and head on to Denver.

* show audio available per track

U2 Tckts North American Tour

The U2TOURFANS staff has returned to work. We are ready to begin our 2011 tour season. We have some amazing projects coming up and we think your going to just enjoy the U2 fan blast. We are in the process of development of a new social media tool just for U2 fans. U2 Fan blast. Its your own live concert channel for those of you attending the shows around the world. South America your included ! The channel supports all types of mobile phones and of course Ipads. Watch for it to appear soon.

We have some staffers looking for GA seats to all shows. If you have extra and want to sell them or of course donate them ( yea we had to throw that line in ) we have a section on the site to sell tickets. NO SCALPERS welcome. Your always welcomed to post them directly to the facebook channel.

A question from the mail bag. ” Whats with the Youtube Channel? It seems to have lots of commercials within the video”  Answer:  Youtube has changed the way they view concerts. Once a upon a time concerts where viewed as fair posts. Now they use a software package that can name the song and start pushing the Itunes, or Amazon links to buy.   We are looking at our options for future posts.  Facebook video seems to be a good choice right now.

Future of U2TOURFANS: Well folks our Editor has informed us that we are running very low on funds for 2011 and we should cut costs where we can. Of course that’s nothing new with a non profit so we are looking at new ways to raise funds.  As promised we are no longer ad supported - We have removed all of the ads from our site besides iTunes and JimmyJane. 

Sponsorship: We have a sponsorship package for a company that want to be infront of 500K fans age range 25-45 audience that is very mixed. ( male/Female). The package will include our concert team as well. Our North American team will be out at every show and can be a major part of your product or service. Your company name, product and or service can be featured. Send an email directly to 2011 at u2tourfans.com   At this time we are only looking for one sponsor.

As always we are your fan choice and we know that you have many options. We like to hear from you. provide your feedback and help us continue to grow. Share our site, Share Facebook and Twitter.

We will see you out very soon


A great night of U2 in Coimbra

Five years after the act in the Alvalade Stadium, U2 kicked off yesterday in Coimbra with a memorable concert, flawless, energetic, and consistently with a near-perfect alignment. The Irish band, for many the best (or higher) of the world, fully justified the pilgrimage north to south (or abroad), the waits, travel, money. No one present at the Stadium of Coimbra on October 2, 2010 should have repented, and even the most skeptical, ‘fans just a few disks’, or mere companions are caught up by the phenomenon U2.

After an afternoon of authentic pilgrimage on campus, a full train, and some transit lines to enter the stadium since early afternoon, and preceded by a good concert of Interpol (the audience was not 100% turned to them but reacted well qb, Bono later he got fed up of the praise), U2 entered the stage of the stadium just before 22h.

Before, he had already given to realize the scope of the famous structure 360, a stunning ‘Spider’ giant (or a ‘claw’ as you call the band), with a circular stage, screen huge on top all the way around, a potential light, color and unlimited media. Impressive, although not located exactly half of the enclosure and as some expected, but towards the end of it - and so, despite containing several movable elements, gives certainly raised the profile of who is in front of the stage than the who is on the ‘back’. Some surprise was also the realization that, after the huge rush for tickets which lasted until the last (and which continues today, with over 500 tickets on sale for the second time), there were plenty of empty spaces at the end of the public, probably by legitimate security concerns, but could present some comments.

As for the great show of 2 hours of U2, the motto was launched with Space Oddity David Bowie, and a pompous entry of the band on stage, all the lights are still lit, the audience alight, and Return Of The Stingray Guitar sung this record . Beautiful Day in the lights dim, and the sequence I Will Follow, Get Your Boots On, Magnificent Mysterous and Ways is unstoppable and lived in party total, absolute, in all corners of the stadium.

Then begins the friendliness, the great sympathy of Bono, who surprised everyone to scream twice the student motto ‘Briosa!’, Then calling at Lisbon, Porto, Braga, Coimbra. We realized then that the concert is not just a light show, the band is there for the public, with care and scenic impressive logistical details, and get a hustle of emotions. Sequences with excerpts of music covers the middle, like “Let It Be Beatles and Bob Marley’s One Love, Bono of phrases in Portuguese as’ Hello Malta”, or in English with Portuguese subtitles on the screens giants. Elevation, Until The End Of The World and a praise singer of the University of Coimbra following a long moment of conversation, ” this band never went to university ‘, then asks if the Edge had gone to the University of Coimbra what would respond guitarist ‘male model’, to what Larry wants to be when he grows up, “professional musician”, Adam another possible future, a chemical engineer, “I have [Bono] would be what I am listening to these hawker My dear fans ‘,’ and it follows I Still Have not Found What I’m Looking For, sung by Bono choice almost entirely by the public.

We began to realize that it is the themes of recent albums, live very powerful and energetic, the more public dances and vibrates, but the older the essence of U2 is revealed in full and the tentacles, lights and stairs that move almost seem unnecessary, or mere accessories, almost felt like a more intimate concert.

But U2 deserve especáculo giant that created around it, and their audience, as faithful few, too. After two new songs! very, very promising (North Star and Mercy), there is very accomplished at another time Miss Sarajevo, with sentences to run on giant screens in Portuguese, ‘the you’ve been looking, believe that everything happens for a reason,’ and comes to the over the more political aspects of the band. First the big Sunday Bloody Sunday, with pre-dedication to Israel, Palestine and Washington (“Can you hear us?” Cries Bono), and then to San Suu Kyi of Burma, ‘let’s send a message of love from Portugal to Burma ’, followed by Walk On, Amnesty International’s candle on stage.

After the threat of the first group match, the return is ready and it follows one of the highlights of the night, with the following One, the audience sing in unison, the lights, and many will stand up posters with a ‘1 ‘, followed by an excerpt from Amazing Grace, by Bono, solo and alone on stage, and Where the Streets Have No Name, the total public hysteria. In the second encore, Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me, With Or Without You and Moment of Surrender, farewell to the present 45 000 (plus many who tried to listen to the lawns surrounding), in a farewell concert that he knew the short.

Above all, U2 still fit and still look genuinely fun on stage, having the spirit of the band, spirit of commitment, public spirit, love music and the causes. A U2 concert is still a great experience, and not (only) to include the biggest stage that Portugal has ever seen.


Return Of The Stingray Guitar
Beautiful Day
I Will Follow
Get On Your Boots
Mysterious Ways
Until The End Of The World
I Still Have not Found What I’m Looking For
North Star
In A Little While
Miss Sarajevo
City Of Blinding Lights
I’ll Go Crazy If I Do not Go Crazy Tonight
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Walk On

1st Encore:
Where The Streets Have No Name

2nd Encore
Hold Me Thrill Me Kiss Me Kill Me
With Or Without You
Moment of Surrender

The Destak prepared readers and fans of U2 a special supplement to the history and greatest moments of the band, which was distributed yesterday (and is today), next to the stadium. The fans seemed to have joined and thank the reading and extra information, with all the details about your favorite band.

Being held today the 2nd of the U2 concert in Coimbra

Today it holds the 2nd at 21.30 U2 concert in Coimbra. Doors open at 17h30, 20h00 take center stage in the Interpol. According to the organizer, Rhythm and Blues, in a statement, despite the concert being prepared to perform under any weather conditions, according to Civil Protection, a front surface that is crossing the zone will dissipate by late morning and the rain will showers during the afternoon, with a tendency to improve throughout the day.

The organization also said that for security reasons will not be allowed to come with umbrellas in recintoe advised the use of hoods and raincoats. The rhythms also noted that at the Worten CoimbraShopping are the last tickets on sale today.

McKinley High and U2 ?

Glee U2 could be the next best-selling artists to get the Glee treatment by the talented stars of McKinley High.

Fresh from the success of the Fox series’ recent ‘The Power of Madonna’ episode, a homage to the queen of pop, there has been speculation that the Dublin rockers could be next to have one of their songs featured on the show.

The Herald can reveal how the new CD from the award-winning series, to be released on May 18, features 19 songs and will include a track entitled One. A song of the same title, taken from U2’s best-selling Achtung Baby album, has regularly featured in Greatest Songs Of All Time lists and has been played by the band at every one of their concerts since 1992.

Entitled Glee, The Music: Volume 3 Showstoppers, the CD includes reworked versions of songs such as Pokerface and Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, alongside Beck’s Loser and Total Eclipse of the Heart by Bonnie Tyler.

However, show insiders are keeping tight-lipped on whether the famous U2 song appears or not, given that Creed and Metallica have both released tunes with the same name.

A publicist for U2 said they weren’t aware of any collaboration with Glee, but the band could still have given the go-ahead for its material to be used.