U2 Sing from NYC

CALLING from New York on the Ryan Line still open.” U2 singer Bono echoed Gerry Ryan’s famous radio signature as he launched into a special version of his friend’s favourite song, his band’s classic anthem ‘With Or Without You’.

The supergroup was unable to attend the star-studded ceremony, but instead hooked up live via satellite from New York to make its own special contribution.

“Gerry, you shone like a star in the summer night. You’ll be alright, flying high, flying so high,” Bono sang.

As the song concluded at the end of the service, he added: “Goodbye Gerry, see you down the road.”

Boyband Westlife earlier performed an acapella version of their hit ‘You Raise Me Up’ in the small Clontarf church, located in the suburb where the broadcaster grew up and lived with his own family.

Dressed in matching black suits with white shirts and black ties, the group flew back to Ireland from the UK especially to perform at the funeral.

They almost didn’t make it.


It was feared the band would be grounded by the volcanic ash cloud which had brought chaos to Irish airports again this week.

However, the opening of Irish air space at 4am got them home just in time.

The String Quartet from the National Symphony Orchestra and the Dublin Gospel Choir also performed at the funeral.

Mourners included such prominent figures in the Irish music business as Sharon Corr, pop manager Louis Walsh and Boyzone’s Keith Duffy.