Summer Heats up with U2

You do not know what a real concert experience is until you have seen U2 live, or so fans of the Irish rock quartet say.

U2’s concert U2360° Live from the Rose Bowl Stadium in California, United States last October is an example of how the band from Dublin, Ireland always pulls out the stops to give fans a memorable time.

The stage design featured a large four-legged steel structure that holds the speaker system and cylindrical video screen, and hovers above the performance area. Dubbed “the Claw”, the platform is surrounded by a circular ramp, which connects to the stage by means of rotating bridges.

“Bono is nothing if not a committed showman, which is half the fun of seeing U2 live,” the Daily’s Dusty Somers said of Bono’s stage presence in a review. “Being outfitted in a laser suit and swinging from an illuminated microphone is the kind of stuff he probably lives for, and with that superbly talented band behind him, it’s the kind of stuff that makes enduring the often impersonal nature of a stadium show worth it.” 

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