U2 may cancel more concert dates

As word of Bono’s emergency surgery spread around the U2 fan base one thing was clear, this was going to be a long weekend. As fans began to plan their North American follow U2 began the long process of logistics.

Most of the 400 plus crew as due to arrive in Utah this coming week. Where from you ask ? Well pretty much all parts of the world.

Some crew members finished up gigs months ago and have been cooling their gig bags at home, waiting for this week to come.  When your in the concert business large super tours are hard to find. Its long term work and when you have the chance to jump on a super tour like this one, you run to the bus. Run fast ! 

In the case of Bono and the boys this was going to be the pay off for many. Mortgages paid in advance, Child Support all caught up, as well as a couple of other details. This is the lottery tour.

Crew members die to be on this tour. Bon Jovi, Van Halen (early days), Rolling Stones, The Police all mega shows earn big dollars for lots of people.

So its no surprise that the news of Bono’s surgery has left many wondering will the band be forced to cancel the tour until fall ?


The singer was injured when he fell on stage while rehearsing in Munich and was rushed to hospital where he was operated on.

He is said to be making a good recovery but plans for the tour, set to open in Salt Lake City in June, are now on hold.

Manager Paul McGuinness stated that the band will “reinstate the dates” that they will be forced to miss. It has not been a happy 50th birthday aftermath for Bono, who was hyped up about the resumption of the tour when he spoke at the American Ireland Fund dinner in New York two weeks ago.

Given Bono’s need to be highly mobile while on stage, a back injury and surgery could be very tough for him to overcome.

The tour resumption was set to feature several changes in the band’s on stage act. The U2 360 Tour had just paid for itself last year and was set to capitalize on very positive advance bookings when the injury happened to Bono.

We thought about it. We have choosen not to create any guess work. We will inform you as we know rather than spread rumors, guess work and frankly just crap. Here is what we can tell you bags, packed, street team ready, cameras, videos and hotels all booked. Now its up to God which we think that Bono and God happen to be pretty tight. So God we call on you.