Planes,Trucks,and Crew.... Stand by

U2 Fans - 10:00 PM East Coast - We thought we better make a comment to those of you following the other millions of fans on twitter, facebook or your favorite social media source.

Rumors are running wild.  Lets start by saying NOTHING has been confirmed. Period. A friend, that knows a friend of a truck driver said what ? Come on now fans lets stop sending rumors around. We can tell you this for sure. Rehearsals will need a week. The stage will need a week.  U2 operates three steel crews within North Amerca. Currently all trucks are holding. Crew that has not arrived into Salt Lake has been told to wait in their home city for further updates.

As for rumors, we have done our homework on not posting, commenting or suggesting any rumors. We would like to ask that you follow us on twitter or facebook for the fastest real time updates.