U2 Offical Tour Announcement Coming

We could not believe the news when we heard this earlier this morning. U2 will officially announce dates for Australian leg in August. 

Melbourne’s Hot Breakfast show had got the story from Nui Te Koha who broke the news.


U2 are about to announce their Australian tour for 2011,” said Nui. “This announcement will roll out in August.

The Live Nation production crew has already setup office in OZ so that that can announce the tour in August. All bets on the tour coming summer or early 2011. 

Now this puts the question in some minds that the delayed North American tour should return sometime in June 2011. This part of the story should be considered rumor until we can get the facts from Live Nation. Which to this date has remained silent on any communication with U2 Fans. Most tend to be harsh on Live Nation simply because they feel that they are owed an answer about their tickets.

However what most people seem to miss is that a tour this size requires a stadium but thats not the only part, crew, trucks and planes all have to be available and pre-booked. This was going to take some time. So if we hear something about the delayed North American tour next month, our hats off to Live Nation.