Paul Simon Joins U2 On Stage

Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS 2015

Mark Peterson / U2TOURFANS 2015

New York: When we awoke we thought it was all just a dream. The U2 North America tour has reached the end of the road.

The last stop New York City. The band has taken up residency at Madison Square Garden as well as our photographer has also lived out of his road case and it all seems unbelievable.

This leg of the tour has been unofficially named "The Dreams Come True Tour"  and rightly so.

You have Mark "U2Brothr" Baker who joined the band on stage not once but twice and his band performed with the boys from Dublin. Fans from all walks of life got a chance of life time to step on stage and dance and sing.

We knew this tour would be special. Topping the week off, a fan website had a couple of surprise guests.  The Edge and Adam crashed the party and performed with the band. Believing in dreams may not be for everyone, however for U2 fans dreams do come true. 

Thursday night wraps up the 7th night. The show did have a few surprises and our guest is that this Friday night show will have some big surprises. Mark Baker hinted that last night we would see some BIG BIG surprises and our guest was that he was referring to Bono asking him on stage.

A warm shout out to Engine 44 and some Jameson shared as Bono thanked them for helping him. This was not the first time he had thanked the boys from house 44. Ordinary Love leading into Satellite of Love made an appearance to honor Lou Reed. During the encore Paul Simon joined the band on stage. The evening ended with the crowd singing "One"

Venue: New York Madison Square Garden July 30 2015 

  1. The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone)
  2. The Electric Co. / Send In The Clowns (snippet) / Helter Skelter (snippet) / I Can See For Miles (snippet)
  3. Do You Remember Rock 'n' Roll Radio? (snippet) / Vertigo
  4. I Will Follow
  5. Iris (Hold Me Close)
  6. Cedarwood Road
  7. Song For Someone
  8. Sunday Bloody Sunday
  9. Raised By Wolves / Psalm 23 (snippet)
  10. Until The End Of The World / Love And Peace Or Else (snippet)


  1. Invisible
  2. Even Better Than The Real Thing
  3. Mysterious Ways / Girls On Film (snippet) / Young Americans (snippet)
  4. Elevation
  5. Ordinary Love
  6. Satellite Of Love
  7. Every Breaking Wave
  8. Bullet The Blue Sky
  9. The Hands That Built America (snippet) / Pride (In The Name Of Love)
  10. Beautiful Day / I Remember You (snippet)
  11. With Or Without You / Satellite Of Love (snippet)


  1. City Of Blinding Lights
  2. Mother And Child Reunion
  3. Where The Streets Have No Name / California (There Is No End To Love) (snippet)
  4. One / All You Need Is Love (snippet)

** Snip provided by U2GIGS

More U2 Dates yet to be Annouced

Live Nation’s Arthur Fogel, promoter-producer of all of U2’s tours since PopMart in 1997 and 1998, noting that he would have liked to make a splashier announcement tied to a high-profile TV play, no doubt in reference to U2’s planned (and scrapped) five-night residency on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. But “given all factors, we’re OK.”

Only stops in North America, the United Kingdom and Europe were announced, and Fogel is tight-lipped on future plans, but it wouldn’t be out of the question for the tour to run as long as three years, returning to North America and Europe, along with visits to Asia, South America, Australia and other territories.  

Now checking around the globe we have sources that have informed us that some venues have "blocked" availability dates for their arena use. It's possible those slots have been put on block as Live Nation Global Touring and U2 work out the routing schedule around the world. This is the part of the business that has to be done right. Routing a band the size of U2 does not come easy logistics has to be worked out all the way down to the pre concert day and post concert day. 

We expect that U2 will be announcing more dates within the next couple of weeks.  The boys will tour this current album and the upcoming eXPERIENCE album yet to be released. For U2 to be touring for the next 3 years is not impossible.  Now the final show will be Dublin and those dates have not been announced

U2 Turin news

Rehearsals for 10 concerts could start as early as today or Wednesday. This is a pretty long length of time of time between the start of rehearsals and the first date of the leg August 6th that makes it about 10 days. This has happened before. However in this case we expect it because of some new songs, and of course allowing Bono a chance to ease back into the mix of a live show.  The bands security has said that we could expect rehearsals to start on Tuesday. Let the rumors begin.

Thanks to a couple of web savvy U2 fans we have a link for the stadium webcam. Currently not much has been happening however we do expect it to get interesting soon.  Stadium webcam  sits on top of the Stadio Olimpico.

Hey we heard from our friends in Chile and according to the state newspaper La Tercera they report that U2 will perform at the Estadio Nacional in March 2011 and also Brazil, Argentina and we heard Peru however it is all just a rumor. The newspaper claims that tickets will go on sale in September.

New Songs > It’s not the first time that the boys have stopped off the tour to record some tunes. We have heard and checked out Black Rock Studios in Greece and some recording sessions have been booked.  Now we cannot confirm this so we still a rumor. Also we did notice that U2GIGS has reported as well as a couple of fans sites so as we like to say. Rumors may become facts and facts never become rumors, so let’s wait.

U2 Offical Tour Announcement Coming

We could not believe the news when we heard this earlier this morning. U2 will officially announce dates for Australian leg in August. 

Melbourne’s Hot Breakfast show had got the story from Nui Te Koha who broke the news.


U2 are about to announce their Australian tour for 2011,” said Nui. “This announcement will roll out in August.

The Live Nation production crew has already setup office in OZ so that that can announce the tour in August. All bets on the tour coming summer or early 2011. 

Now this puts the question in some minds that the delayed North American tour should return sometime in June 2011. This part of the story should be considered rumor until we can get the facts from Live Nation. Which to this date has remained silent on any communication with U2 Fans. Most tend to be harsh on Live Nation simply because they feel that they are owed an answer about their tickets.

However what most people seem to miss is that a tour this size requires a stadium but thats not the only part, crew, trucks and planes all have to be available and pre-booked. This was going to take some time. So if we hear something about the delayed North American tour next month, our hats off to Live Nation.