U2's Two Day Party in Horsens


U2 Rocked Horsens for Two Days, the largest stage in the world arrived nearly two weeks ago as fans watched in amazement, dreaming of the show they would soon see. Tickets sold out, camping gear spotted around the stadium, fans positioning themselves around the non ticket holder areas to catch the massive screen.

The middle aged Irishman sounded like they should have been shoulder to shoulder in a sweaty summer club, maybe CBGB’s (reference to our friend Hilly) however tonight Horsens turn to experience U2 in a 360 view was.  

The boys climbed the stage in a remarkably leisurely pace here as dusk turned into his most dark blue hue. But from the first chord in new instrumentals Return of the Stingray Guitar and its jumpy synth theme was solid beats and loud, and announced that tonight’s first peak could come as soon it should be. And it did: It’s a Beautiful Day song Bono to the riveting beat, and the answer came promptly in the form of ecstatic reunion joy that stretched all the way down to audience numbering 35,000 in the rear end of the arena.

The Edges familiar riff on guitar for New Year’s Day reminded us that U2 has three decades old, while Bono edge on the outer circle was all skepticism to shame that the very question back injury is a hindrance. He pulled hard on the body at a pace that drove the song even faster than the original, and grooved, dirty Get On Your Boots beats gave a further upward thanks to a metallic, treble  that perhaps vibrated inappropriate under-grandstand roofs, but turn easily reached all corners of the arena.

It was frankly hard, sharp rock, and although the pace was choked a bit down in the beautiful pop Magnificent with Bono high clear song, it was not until tonight’s sixth number, Mysterious Ways, that there was something that reminded just a little on air and cracks in the sound barrier (while sensual female bodies writhing in front frontman’s face on the big screen to the sexy groove). Just to party and rock the machine threw yet another dunk gasoline on the fire with Elevation: Bono is out on the edge with big gestures - and the audience responded!

At the time of the concert was so looked deeply into U2’s history books, but actually, the four be commended for serving a very contemporary program. Half of the concert a total of 23 songs were from the last decade, and perhaps it is also why an estimated 25 percent of the audience this evening was not even born when the group came up - and many of them do not know when U2 had its absolute artistic zenith in the final 80 / start-’90s.

U2 will continue to blaze the world with this tour and fans await the release of something new. Something different as U2 continues to define rock as music that you feel in your soul and you can’t feel it if your sitting on your ass !