Bono in Pain, Adam Farts, Flying School Bus, Not the Best Show

The “crown” presented on Monday evening, the best band in the world live in the Ernst-Happel-Stadion. U2 enthusiasts with a spectacular show of the “360 °-Tour” and the largest round stage, the stages of this world have seen so far, some 70,000 fans.

 We knew that sooner or later we had to have one show that may not be consider the best of the group. This may go down as one of them. Bono is very talkative, suggestions that the pain meds may be the cause of it. Sure that could be possible. The techincal issues after a long sound check may be in question. The issues left long breaks between songs, great for the recording of the show, not so great for the audience. The Edge seemed to have most of the issues.

Traveling family on this show. three women and six children flew in on the private 360 AIR jet of course a police escore and a tight security detail. This show was considered to be a “runner” band came in, band played, band flew out. Adam flew in solo as reported.

Bono with wife Ali and sons Elijah and John. The Edge with children Ava and Ezra and wife Morleigh Steinberg. Larry is accompanied by time girlfriend Ann Acheson and the sons of Levi and Sian.

At the Vienna program includes the concert and a short sound check a platinum award and an exclusive backstage dinner. At midnight, we then jetting back home.

We are a family band: John is here, Elijah, Ava, Ezra, Levi, Sian. “In his address to the mega hit I Still Have not Found What I’m Looking For is Bono (50) on Monday in Vienna Stadium are very personal.  Bono made it a point to say that the family was in attendance.

After the show, the band flew home to Nice, and its on to Athens.