Paris Show Starts

The shift began in the early 1990s with the Zoo TV tour Tour: the group that had previously built his career on stage benefits minimalist emphasis on wireless communication device with the audience began to give his shows in pride of place to latest technology. U2 became one company very big shows where the music was just one element among others.

In this genre, no one is more massive than themselves and their scene today to 360 degrees - the very one who baited the beginning of the break between Johnny and Jean-Claude Camus, Johnny accepting someone evil make greater than he - is, in itself a good reason to come see them tonight. Obviously, there’s always music, but it involves so many mixers and sound engineers that it is difficult to distinguish between what is actually live, which is remixed and what has been preregistered. This would have shocked the past, present, it is accepted without problem by a public that understands that the Irish group makes the junction between the classic rock of yesteryear and the technological, the twenty-first century.